Thursday, May 31, 2012

The working young man



I know, I know, the pics are blurry, I did finally get a clear shot.  But I did NOT get permission to post it. 

But I’m so proud, I had to share :)

My oldest son, Kadir is working at a local amusement park for the Summer. 

Early in the year, I warned that he would not be allowed to stay up late e’ry nite and play Xbox e’ry day.  I may have also mentioned that if he didn’t have a Summer plan he would cut the neighborhoods grass for FREE.

My Dad says I browbeat him.  I say I gave him some choices.  But so far he loves it, he’s all smiles, this was after his first night.  And because I know I have a female audience, do you agree that there is absolutely nothing less attractive than a lazy man.  Oh wait, there is worse, a lazy broke man.

I can’t have that on my conscience.  So here’s to fun in the Summer, my favorite season!

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