Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method, OCM.

It actually works. I tried it long ago when the curly girls blogged about it here and hereit did nothing for me.  Notta. 

Completely my fault for not thinking outside the box.  It wasn't until I read it over at SimpleMom that I used a heavier oil, EVOO.  Duh.

I started again in December 2011 when my face had at least 10 dry blotches all over, ugh-noying, so not cute.  Well sometime last month, I was looking at my face in a close up mirror and noticed that the blackhead on my top lip, was blacker than normal.  It just looked odd.  So I squeezed it a bit and out popped the dried up blackhead, whole. Gross.  

There was another one on my lower lip and the same thing, the black head popped out like a little peppercorn.  And that my friends is when I realized that OCM works. 

My teenage son has been experiencing some serious dry skin on his face, so I just started him on my regimen.  And thought I'd share it here as well, with my peeps.

Step 1: Oil Cleansing Method (I use 2/3 Olive, 1/3 Castor)
Step 2: Honey Water...I ran out and just diy'd.  [Oyin just makes everything smell better]
Step 3: Moisturizer (any lotion/butter where water as first ingredient works for me)

It took 4 months to see complete results but I can honestly say it works. If you want to know how it works, read more here.

fyi - I'm also trying this, can't say for certain yet if it works yet.  However, when I get the "AHA" moment, you know I will share :)

Thanks for dropping in.

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