Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lame. Spinach.


Hi! I’m trying to be better about pictures of myself, lame.  I need to be in them sometimes, I’m allllllways behind the camera.  Mostly cause I always hate the way they come out – do I really look like that, ugh.  It’s mental, I know.  I’m getting better.

Anyway, spinach.





39 years, I’ve been eating frozen spinach from the microwave.  No one told me it’s in the produce section next to the lettuce, cooks fast and is perfect in the pinch, no cutting, popping or chopping.  Just a quick wash?  SOLD.

We like it with a little garlic.  The kids actually it eat, fresh, who knew.  It’s my new go to veggie.  Say you’ll try it? 


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