Thursday, May 3, 2012

It just happens.


Tonite, I was flipping through a catalog while waiting for my dinner to cook, and I got the idea to work on a project. 


I had a big frame that I worked on before here.  I just didn’t love it, so I took it down and of course, the glass broke.  So the rest was just sitting in a corner. 

Tonite I took out some kraft wrapping paper, flipped it. 


I had these letter printed out on ledger paper in a rubber band for months.  They fit perfect in the frame.   Nice.

I like white on kraft paper. 

So to get that look, I could (a) paint the letters on the kraft paper, or (b) paint the cut out letters white and modge podge them to the kraft paper.




I chose (a).  I  cut out the letters, traced them onto the kraft paper and filled them in with white paint from Walmart, the lil’ 97c bottle kind.  Seemed the easiest, mostly cause I didn’t want to wait for the letters to uncurl.  

I originally got the idea here, [back in January,man I’m slow].  Now I just have to paint the frame.  But what color?  decisions, decisions…

Any weekend plans?  The Avengers are out this weekend, the boys will prolly wanna see that.  Eh, I could take it or leave it. 

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