Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiration > Time & action


I signed up for a craft fair this past Saturday.  #Epicfail.

I didn’t give myself enough time to make stuff, whoops.  Haik thinks I had a case of the jitters.  Not true.  I had these grand illusions of sparklies, tiers of homemade goods and lots of ruffly, colorful goodies to sell.  The flashiest table at the fair, of course!  Only I just got through 2 of my intended crafts, boo.


Anyway, this is a little girls apron idea I’ve had since last year.  It’s upcycled from my neighbor’s donation pile.   I had fun finding coordinating ribbon and fabric to give it a new look.  I hope I can find a few more this Spring at yard sales and give them new life too.


This one was gifted to Kya’s friend, with chocolate chip cookie mix and a wooden spoon.  Cute yes?  I hope Emilia thought so.


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