Thursday, May 31, 2012

The working young man



I know, I know, the pics are blurry, I did finally get a clear shot.  But I did NOT get permission to post it. 

But I’m so proud, I had to share :)

My oldest son, Kadir is working at a local amusement park for the Summer. 

Early in the year, I warned that he would not be allowed to stay up late e’ry nite and play Xbox e’ry day.  I may have also mentioned that if he didn’t have a Summer plan he would cut the neighborhoods grass for FREE.

My Dad says I browbeat him.  I say I gave him some choices.  But so far he loves it, he’s all smiles, this was after his first night.  And because I know I have a female audience, do you agree that there is absolutely nothing less attractive than a lazy man.  Oh wait, there is worse, a lazy broke man.

I can’t have that on my conscience.  So here’s to fun in the Summer, my favorite season!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

$#@& kids!


Saturday, I ran out of frosting, took a nap and woke up to this. 

$#@& kids! 

I couldn’t make this stuff up.


I used two boxed cake mixes to make three layers.  If you ever decide to do 3 layers, pay attention to the cook time.  Because instead of each layer being 1/2 box, 3 layers = 1/3 of two. 

I lucked up, mine came out almost perfect.  I went with the lowest end of the range on the box, I always set the timer. Always, I’ve been known to get distracted…. 

Find my inspiration here, no idea how their colors are so spot on and mine are so not. 

This weekend was relaxation at its best.  I actually started this post on Saturday (or was it Sunday)?  I was about 80% done, then click online to get the links…my homepage had been changed.  I was completely turned off.  Mood changed.  I wanted nothing else to do with the computer.  Done.

$#@& kids!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was awesome.  We have so much be thankful for, sometimes it’s easy to forget. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

One Wild and Precious Life

I had a rough week being tolerant and dealing with unaccountability. 

Which left me thinking a LOT about staying inspired, setting goals and living simply.  I topped that off with a double helping of humble pie.

I put my camera battery in the charger this morning before coming in to work.  I hope the weather plays fair to get some fun things done. 

I had grand illusions of a bbq at my place, and if I do, of course there will be pictures. 

As Rihanna would say, "Cheers to the freaking weekend!"

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Weekends where I have no ‘absolute’ plans, are the best.


P5192783I did a little bit of everything, cleaning, organizing, decorating, painting.  No deadline, no ticktock, just a little of what I love each day.  My favorite way to spend the weekend. 

Saturday nite Kya borrowed my camera, I woke up today to this shot:


Kya’s smile is so genuine and sweet here, I love it.

Shortly after I found that photo,  I had the pleasure of shooting this one:




Someone used regular dish soap in the dishwasher, easy fix.  I was able to direct from the sidelines and fortunately, no children or pets were harmed in the making of this post, ha!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lame. Spinach.


Hi! I’m trying to be better about pictures of myself, lame.  I need to be in them sometimes, I’m allllllways behind the camera.  Mostly cause I always hate the way they come out – do I really look like that, ugh.  It’s mental, I know.  I’m getting better.

Anyway, spinach.





39 years, I’ve been eating frozen spinach from the microwave.  No one told me it’s in the produce section next to the lettuce, cooks fast and is perfect in the pinch, no cutting, popping or chopping.  Just a quick wash?  SOLD.

We like it with a little garlic.  The kids actually it eat, fresh, who knew.  It’s my new go to veggie.  Say you’ll try it? 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiration > Time & action


I signed up for a craft fair this past Saturday.  #Epicfail.

I didn’t give myself enough time to make stuff, whoops.  Haik thinks I had a case of the jitters.  Not true.  I had these grand illusions of sparklies, tiers of homemade goods and lots of ruffly, colorful goodies to sell.  The flashiest table at the fair, of course!  Only I just got through 2 of my intended crafts, boo.


Anyway, this is a little girls apron idea I’ve had since last year.  It’s upcycled from my neighbor’s donation pile.   I had fun finding coordinating ribbon and fabric to give it a new look.  I hope I can find a few more this Spring at yard sales and give them new life too.


This one was gifted to Kya’s friend, with chocolate chip cookie mix and a wooden spoon.  Cute yes?  I hope Emilia thought so.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mama


me and my momma, circa 1977, philly philly

I interviewed my kids last night, the answers are below, Kya (5), Khari (13) and Kadir (16) in that order.

What was the happiest day of your life:
Going to Birthday Parties, Being born,    Ummm. we forgot to come back to that one, oops.
If you could change one thing in the world, what would I be:
No Littering,    No more war,    Ugh, my monetary status
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be:
No answer,    Bigger feet,    Umm. My kindness
Name one thing you can't live without:   
Food,    Family,    Food/water
What's your favorite movie:   
Beauty and the Beast,    The Covenant,    The Dark Knight
What's your favorite cartoon character:   
Peppa Pig,    Ben (Ben10),    Dexter
What’s the worst thing about being 5, 13 or 16 years old:
I can't swim,    Bullies,     License, no car
Whats the best thing about being 5, 13 or 16 years old:
I can swim, with a floatie,    I feel more mature,    License
Tell me about a perfect day for you:   
I dunno,        A day when all candy is free,    Ugh, Good day at school. No nap needed afterwards, Good dinner.  Regular bed time.


kya, 2007, la familia, 2000. I wanted a *NEW* family pic for mothers day. scheduling hasn’t work out yet.

Who are your best friends and why:   
Alice and Rowan. Cause they are nice and I like 'em.   
Isael, Kyle, Connor and Matt.  Cause they are nice, funny and not buttholes.   
Devin: for his coolness, Owen & Derek: cause they are funny, Marcus: cause he’s loyal
Job you'd like to have when you grow up:   
Doctor,   Professional basketball player,    A rich one
What does your mom always say:
Don’t pick your nose,   Stop talking in that weird voice,    Home skillet
What makes your mom happy?  
Presents & flowers,    When I’m good at home and at school,    When things are in order
What makes your mom sad?  
When people push her around   
When I’m in trouble or lying or making it even worse   
When things are not in order
How does your mom make you laugh?   
When she says funny things   
When she does something funny on accident,  like drops something   
Her and Kya’s private conversations
What was your mom like as a child:
I dunno Huh?
Very smart and educational   
Smart, caring, responsible
How old is your mom:    20,    39,    39
How tall is your mom:    Taller than me,    5'5'',    5'6''
What is your Mom's favorite thing to do:    
Sew – do something on her ipad,    Paint,    Eat sunflower seeds
What does your mom do when your not around
I dunno, Sew and watch TV, Paint
What is your Mom really good at?    Sewing,    Sewing,    Painting
What is your Mom really bad at?   
I dunno, making birds?
Being serious at serious times   
What is your Mom's job?    
Making money,    She works at Company ----,    She works at Company ----
What is your Mom's favorite food?   
Mac n cheese,    Chinese,    sunflower seeds
If your Mom was a cartoon who would she be?   
A show that she likes, She'd have to be Jerry from Tom & Jerry,    Mrs Proud (from Proud Family)
How are you & your mom the same?
People think I look her   
We like to laugh a lot   
We appreciate good literature
How are you & your mom the different?   
I can't sew   
I like Kevin Hart and she don't   
Organization matters to mom
How do you know she loves you?   
I dunno, She buys me things and keeps me fed, I still get to live here don’t I.
What is your Mom's favorite place:    Target,    Evergreen Chinese,    Library

That was fun, cause I don’t even eat macncheese, but I couldn’t tell Kya that.  There were no wrong answers, I guess

I had no idea about motherhood when I was 23, none.   Then last weekend my nephews were over and my kids were really good hosts to their cousins, it felt good to see them being kind, caring and welcoming and not the normal fighting and arguing.  Being a mom is a tough job and some days I just want to be ALONE.  But I think they get what I’m trying to do here, and that’s more than I can say for my day job.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Food for thought.


17th & irving

I read this here last Friday and I’ve thought about it numerous times since.

This is a weak area for me, most of the criticism never leaves my head, but I want to not have those thoughts.  It is Resolution #7, and putting it this way has helped immensely.  I even saved it to my phone. 

I hope you find it useful too.

Today is Chinese for lunch, it’s pathetic how excited I am. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

This is what America means to me.

Caine’s Arcade

I’ve been told I wear rose colored glassed.  But this spoke to me, warmed my heart, I overflowed…in tears of course.

But it really just made me think.  This is what I want to think about when I think of America, real ingenuity & spirit.  Grassroots, growth, from something small to something amazing! No xbox, wii, ipod, ipad or kindle fire, just good ol’ imagination.

Three cheers for Caine’s Arcade!!!  Living Simply.

The song at the end of the vid is available for purchase, go here for deets.  I had to have it.




It just happens.


Tonite, I was flipping through a catalog while waiting for my dinner to cook, and I got the idea to work on a project. 


I had a big frame that I worked on before here.  I just didn’t love it, so I took it down and of course, the glass broke.  So the rest was just sitting in a corner. 

Tonite I took out some kraft wrapping paper, flipped it. 


I had these letter printed out on ledger paper in a rubber band for months.  They fit perfect in the frame.   Nice.

I like white on kraft paper. 

So to get that look, I could (a) paint the letters on the kraft paper, or (b) paint the cut out letters white and modge podge them to the kraft paper.




I chose (a).  I  cut out the letters, traced them onto the kraft paper and filled them in with white paint from Walmart, the lil’ 97c bottle kind.  Seemed the easiest, mostly cause I didn’t want to wait for the letters to uncurl.  

I originally got the idea here, [back in January,man I’m slow].  Now I just have to paint the frame.  But what color?  decisions, decisions…

Any weekend plans?  The Avengers are out this weekend, the boys will prolly wanna see that.  Eh, I could take it or leave it. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method, OCM.

It actually works. I tried it long ago when the curly girls blogged about it here and hereit did nothing for me.  Notta. 

Completely my fault for not thinking outside the box.  It wasn't until I read it over at SimpleMom that I used a heavier oil, EVOO.  Duh.

I started again in December 2011 when my face had at least 10 dry blotches all over, ugh-noying, so not cute.  Well sometime last month, I was looking at my face in a close up mirror and noticed that the blackhead on my top lip, was blacker than normal.  It just looked odd.  So I squeezed it a bit and out popped the dried up blackhead, whole. Gross.  

There was another one on my lower lip and the same thing, the black head popped out like a little peppercorn.  And that my friends is when I realized that OCM works. 

My teenage son has been experiencing some serious dry skin on his face, so I just started him on my regimen.  And thought I'd share it here as well, with my peeps.

Step 1: Oil Cleansing Method (I use 2/3 Olive, 1/3 Castor)
Step 2: Honey Water...I ran out and just diy'd.  [Oyin just makes everything smell better]
Step 3: Moisturizer (any lotion/butter where water as first ingredient works for me)

It took 4 months to see complete results but I can honestly say it works. If you want to know how it works, read more here.

fyi - I'm also trying this, can't say for certain yet if it works yet.  However, when I get the "AHA" moment, you know I will share :)

Thanks for dropping in.