Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let them eat cake! or brownies…




every week at the market, I don’t get baked goods, cause ‘we can make this for soo much cheaper at home” and “it will taste better and be better for you”

but do we ever bake the goods? heck no.  pathetic, I know. bad mommy.



I asked Khari to move around so I could try to get rid of the blur and figure stuff out on the camera.  but what the heck was kya doing? vogue?americas next top KID model?  I didn’t even notice it at the time.  she cracks me up.


if you grease the silicone muffin pans, crunchy edges for all your brownies. yummmmmy.

mommy tip! buy the kids all the stuff you don’t like, less temptation.  pathetic right? I know…but a moms gots to do what a moms gots to do.



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