Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I’m still cleaning house…

I rearranged the foyer, againYou have to click the befores..


Lantern, JoAnn’s…$30ish… and that was on sale. 


This buffet was in the dining room, so free.


Subway art, Cheri’s…$7.


Don’t the fake flowers, say: 

Hello!  Welcome!!  (to Casa de Crazies)

Yep, The home of the crazies.  Right here.

The flowers are old but I think I got them at Michael’s 50% off, of course.  Too bad I took them down, I thought they were premature for April.  They shall return in May ish when real life stuff starts to bloom.  Instead, I cut some shrub branches from the front yard and put them there instead.  Soooo, imagine greenness instead of yellow blooms.

Did you click on the befores, am I improving or what?  Imma trying, a woman’s work is never done…

P.S. Thanks for the comments on my earlier post, it did feel good to get that out. 

Talk soon!

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