Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Beautiful.

That's what the emails from Oyin say.  Hello Beautiful, it is the sweetest introduction, always gets a smile outta me. 

I bit the bulllet on Saturday and purchased yet another power cord for my PC.  I was toying with idea of buying this but cost trumped, it usually does. Something had to be done so I could BLOG (regularly again)!!!

fyi - I have been sloooow on the Lent purge, but I did make something pretty:   

Inexpensive frame from Tarjay, $10

Fabric sample, $2 (Joann's)


Fabric is becoming my go to for decor inexpensive wall art.

Almost forgot, and this is pretty important: slimsuits are IN at Target and they are  ON SALE.  I got this one, I still need to try it on but I got a one piece last year and I luurrve it.  Cause if you have to be close that close to naked outside, you might as well feel good about how u look. 

Ok that's it for me.  How bout you, how was your weekend? Any purging? and splurging? Or making things pretty?  

k, Happy Monday and thanks for dropping in.

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  1. I followed your comment from iammommahear me roar. Think I've blog stalked your projects a few times now (name banner looks great!)
    this looks awesome. I always love seeing people use color. I love color! It's always nice to know I'm not the only one who doesnt live in beige.