Monday, April 23, 2012

Chemistry, drama & eye-candy

Really, I can't say enough about it.

I was so pleasantly suprised by the film and it topped the industry this weekend, coming in at #1, What What! 

Word is Hollywood didn't see that $33M coming, y'all showed up!!

I have been a buzz about it since Friday nite.  But coming to work today and chatting it up again with co-workers just made me even more excited for it's success.  

My favorite part about the movie without giving any spoilers, is the professionalism of the film.  The wardrobe, no street gear, no hoochie momma dresses, the men are always dressed.  And they are YUMMY, do you hear me? YUMMY!  

And there is something there for the men as well - the woman, not catty, very very cute and classy.  I personally came home itching to get Taraji's haircut, it is on point.  Love her.

I am already plotting on getting the DVD, and I couldn't tell you the name of the last movie I purchased.  

Don't get me wrong, the movie is not gonna get any Oscar nods, but for me it transcends race and gender.  It's a movie about relationships between men and women, without being preachy, without being racial, it's really about being real.  And Kevin Hart is there for chuckles. 

Go check it out!  And the book is good too, borrow it from your library, I did.

Thanks for dropping in.

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