Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The one where I get ‘er done!

Now granted I had an extra day, cause I was home with Kya on Friday.  So come Sunday, I was rested and ready for cleanliness.

I was all ready Sunday nite to report, but my laptop computer won’t turn on? The light where the power cord goes is lit but no juice.  Tell me about it.  Ughnoying!

Anyway, back to Sunday.  I came home from getting the groceries and decided to hang the etsy pictures I purchased on Leap Day (the seller was offering a BOGO).  

I had scored some frames at Kohls, with coupons.  They were about $15.  But if you look the white mat cut off some of the art, that just would not do.  

So, I used an old yellow cotton shower curtain for the background.   The art coloring is really pretty and subtle, so I could have used almost anything to blend with it. 


I glued it down (the fabric on the mat frame) nice and tight.  Then I put the art on top. Voila!

And now in the room.

It took me no time, maybe half hour.  

I use these thingies from Target...

They go in with a small nail and leave very little holes, perfect for someone who is not good at measuring ;)   The nails that go with this are missing from the photo. 

And since I stink at measuring, I started using a sheet of paper to mark where the hangers are on the back of frames (see blue ink).  I mark at the frame hangers across the paper.  

Next I tape the paper to the wall, nail in those "thingies" at the ink marks, hang artwork and call it done.  

I try to make sure the "thingies" are around the same size so the art will hang evenly. So far it's working.  

If the frame is really big and has 3 or more hooks for hanging, I tape sheets of paper together or I use a folder.  Cause sometimes a girl needs to get it done when she wants it done!

Hope you had a great weekend, the weather is definitely sunshiney!

Thanks for dropping in.

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