Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Bubble

Would you believe, I had another GNO on Friday and this one was a sleepover.  My college buddy is in town for a two week conference (think free hotel) so a few of us hooked up for dinner and ended up doing a little shopping too. 

That my friends, that ipod/iphone doodad thingy is a register.  It has a scanner attached and a credit card swiper on the back, fancy right.  Now, guess where we were, Nordstrom’s.  Pause….

I have mentioned a few times how I have been eyeing the Toms...well, I stumbled upon them at Nordstrom’s while my friend was making a return.  {I would have taken more pics but I was trying to be cool and blend in.}  However, I did ask the cashier if I could take a picture of the thingy, it was soooo fancy!

Just one night, but no kids, no cares, just cooling, chit chatting til 3AM.  I fell asleep on those chicks.  They stayed up another hour, caraaaazy.

Girls Night Out should be a must it really is relaxing.  

Did you do anything? or see anything fancy?  Have you ever been to Nordstrom's?  Are they always that fancy?  I still love my Tarjay...they are fancy enough for me ;)

Thanks for dropping in.

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