Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A couple fun tips

Three tips for you today.

#1 Instead of a second helping, which I love to have, cause I am a serious foodie  - I have been having a piece of fruit to curb by appetite & fill my tummy.  Sometimes, I have to have 2 pieces!  This little tip will help with watching your weight and increasing your fruit veggie intake.  Double bonus, yo.

#2 One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I have become the dumping grounds for everyone’s Goodwill donations.  The best part is, I get to take what I wants before I donate it.  Do you believe my sister had these in her pile!  I jumped all over these bad boys and rocked them on Monday.  I love them and they are perfect for this time of year (Steve Madden brand, I think)  

I sent this pic to my sister with the caption "Member when u threw these out! Whut Whut!"....

Her response "Owww!! its nice who want it"   
Yep, she is animated too.  

#3 Last night I went out with my Locals – GNO!  We dish, talk mad *ish, sip a little vino (we like BYOB restauraunts) and just hang.  Maria shared this list from a podcast.  They are in no particular order and after each quality, Maria would say "to you", as in your mate is for you, not your friends and family.  They have to be funny, smart, kind, attractive and Just to your standards - not anyone elses.  Good list, yes?

One point about Maria and her podcasts, they are to her as Blogs are to say you and me.  Podcasts even helped her lose weight (almost 100lbs), she listens while she exercises, pretty awesome right?

Sometimes I feel lonely in this area I live in, lonely in genuine female friendships.  I think, nobody is into crafting like me, nobody has older kids like me, nobody is on a budget like me, nobody has 3 kids like me, nobody likes blogging like me, I could go on, wah wah wah.  But these girls keep it decent and I am glad they are in my life.  We even talk about being regular, and I ain’t talking menstral cycles :) Nothing is safe, we talks about it all.  

Hope you have a good day, it’s Hump Day which means we’re halfway to Friday, halfway to the freakin' weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by my RaND@M!

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