Thursday, March 8, 2012

Compliments are free

...yet priceless.

This is me one day at the office sometime back.  

There was an outrage this day, my coworkers were not feeling the pony.  

Truth be told, neither was I, I can’t even remember why I had a pony tail, but it was a necessary evil this day.  They were clowning me so bad they took this picture and a video so they could FUTURE clown me.  It was harmless. 

Now if I try a new belt, nail polish, lip gloss, stockings, outfit, shoe, stapler, hairdo, whatever it maybe, they notice.  And 9 outta 10 times, it is followed by a compliment.  My sweet coworkers. 

I try to pay compliments forward too, it makes you see the good instead of the bad. 

I mean WHO doesn’t love compliments?  What was your last compliment?  Don't you hold it close in your memory. 

It's nice to be noticed for your hard work and effort, with mere words.  So simple, yet so powerful. 

It’s free to pay them!  Share one or 10 today and make someone’s day!  

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