Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My favorite and my best.

I say this to my kids [all 3].
I say this to my husband.
They really are.
Who said you could only have one?

My favorite and my best.  
How long you think before they repeat it back?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Bubble

Would you believe, I had another GNO on Friday and this one was a sleepover.  My college buddy is in town for a two week conference (think free hotel) so a few of us hooked up for dinner and ended up doing a little shopping too. 

That my friends, that ipod/iphone doodad thingy is a register.  It has a scanner attached and a credit card swiper on the back, fancy right.  Now, guess where we were, Nordstrom’s.  Pause….

I have mentioned a few times how I have been eyeing the Toms...well, I stumbled upon them at Nordstrom’s while my friend was making a return.  {I would have taken more pics but I was trying to be cool and blend in.}  However, I did ask the cashier if I could take a picture of the thingy, it was soooo fancy!

Just one night, but no kids, no cares, just cooling, chit chatting til 3AM.  I fell asleep on those chicks.  They stayed up another hour, caraaaazy.

Girls Night Out should be a must it really is relaxing.  

Did you do anything? or see anything fancy?  Have you ever been to Nordstrom's?  Are they always that fancy?  I still love my Tarjay...they are fancy enough for me ;)

Thanks for dropping in.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A couple fun tips

Three tips for you today.

#1 Instead of a second helping, which I love to have, cause I am a serious foodie  - I have been having a piece of fruit to curb by appetite & fill my tummy.  Sometimes, I have to have 2 pieces!  This little tip will help with watching your weight and increasing your fruit veggie intake.  Double bonus, yo.

#2 One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I have become the dumping grounds for everyone’s Goodwill donations.  The best part is, I get to take what I wants before I donate it.  Do you believe my sister had these in her pile!  I jumped all over these bad boys and rocked them on Monday.  I love them and they are perfect for this time of year (Steve Madden brand, I think)  

I sent this pic to my sister with the caption "Member when u threw these out! Whut Whut!"....

Her response "Owww!! its nice who want it"   
Yep, she is animated too.  

#3 Last night I went out with my Locals – GNO!  We dish, talk mad *ish, sip a little vino (we like BYOB restauraunts) and just hang.  Maria shared this list from a podcast.  They are in no particular order and after each quality, Maria would say "to you", as in your mate is for you, not your friends and family.  They have to be funny, smart, kind, attractive and Just to your standards - not anyone elses.  Good list, yes?

One point about Maria and her podcasts, they are to her as Blogs are to say you and me.  Podcasts even helped her lose weight (almost 100lbs), she listens while she exercises, pretty awesome right?

Sometimes I feel lonely in this area I live in, lonely in genuine female friendships.  I think, nobody is into crafting like me, nobody has older kids like me, nobody is on a budget like me, nobody has 3 kids like me, nobody likes blogging like me, I could go on, wah wah wah.  But these girls keep it decent and I am glad they are in my life.  We even talk about being regular, and I ain’t talking menstral cycles :) Nothing is safe, we talks about it all.  

Hope you have a good day, it’s Hump Day which means we’re halfway to Friday, halfway to the freakin' weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by my RaND@M!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The one where I get ‘er done!

Now granted I had an extra day, cause I was home with Kya on Friday.  So come Sunday, I was rested and ready for cleanliness.

I was all ready Sunday nite to report, but my laptop computer won’t turn on? The light where the power cord goes is lit but no juice.  Tell me about it.  Ughnoying!

Anyway, back to Sunday.  I came home from getting the groceries and decided to hang the etsy pictures I purchased on Leap Day (the seller was offering a BOGO).  

I had scored some frames at Kohls, with coupons.  They were about $15.  But if you look the white mat cut off some of the art, that just would not do.  

So, I used an old yellow cotton shower curtain for the background.   The art coloring is really pretty and subtle, so I could have used almost anything to blend with it. 


I glued it down (the fabric on the mat frame) nice and tight.  Then I put the art on top. Voila!

And now in the room.

It took me no time, maybe half hour.  

I use these thingies from Target...

They go in with a small nail and leave very little holes, perfect for someone who is not good at measuring ;)   The nails that go with this are missing from the photo. 

And since I stink at measuring, I started using a sheet of paper to mark where the hangers are on the back of frames (see blue ink).  I mark at the frame hangers across the paper.  

Next I tape the paper to the wall, nail in those "thingies" at the ink marks, hang artwork and call it done.  

I try to make sure the "thingies" are around the same size so the art will hang evenly. So far it's working.  

If the frame is really big and has 3 or more hooks for hanging, I tape sheets of paper together or I use a folder.  Cause sometimes a girl needs to get it done when she wants it done!

Hope you had a great weekend, the weather is definitely sunshiney!

Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


photo 2 (2)

I saw this at the market..and I thought it was the universe talking to me.  Of course it was, of all the cards there this was facing my direction.

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

So, I took photos of a few in case you need a push of encouragement too.

Challenge yourself and take a risk. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little DIY…

I fully intended on taking better pictures of this weekends project, you know without my paint mess in the background. 

But we ended up running late to meet my family and this is all I gots…



I made another one for Kya’s friend’s birthday party today, I hope she liked it.  Her name had 6 characters and lots of letters with curves, a bit more difficult time consuming for me, but I worked it out and we were only 8 minutes late to the party. 

{Is time a problem for anyone else, I am working so hard at being on time!  8 minutes is actually pretty good compared to my 2011 timing. }

I copied the idea from this pennant here, so cute.  I had everything on hand, it’s a good scrap buster.  Alls I bought was the pom pom trim, which takes the adorable up a notch, imho.

While we went to ze partays (2 parties this weekend).  I had the boys pack the van and Haik drove it over….


to GOODWILL of course, more stuff out.of.the.building!




Of course, effective March 1 – they can no longer accept TV’s.  Just my luck.  Think I’ll put them on good ol’ Craigslist for free.  Think I’ll get any takers?

Did you know you have to pay for electronics recycling?  Stinks, but it must be done.  I still have to call for rates.  I would love to wait until they have one of those free days to turn stuff in, but I just need this stuff outta here.

I went down in the basement today and I still have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go.  It’s unbelievable, but we’ve been hoarding crap for some 18 years.  I just keep reminding myself that not even Rome was built in a day and I can do this.  Hells yea, I can.

That’s my weekend in a nutshell, kid parties.  I so wanted see a movie.  I so wanted some alone time.  It so didn’t happen.  But if I get to paint my chipped up nails, I’ll take that.

Next weekend I am volunteering for Voter Registration in the City of Allentown, are you registered? 



our deepest fear


I didn’t really get this quote at first.  But recently, I’ve been mulling over posting for a new position at work…and all my concerns were for everyone else on my team, and them having to train someone new, and leaving them stuck. 

I honestly forgot to stop and think about me.  What about what’s best for me?!

Sometimes as women (and Moms), we get used to putting everyone before ourselves.  So just a gentle reminder to do something for yourself too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Compliments are free

...yet priceless.

This is me one day at the office sometime back.  

There was an outrage this day, my coworkers were not feeling the pony.  

Truth be told, neither was I, I can’t even remember why I had a pony tail, but it was a necessary evil this day.  They were clowning me so bad they took this picture and a video so they could FUTURE clown me.  It was harmless. 

Now if I try a new belt, nail polish, lip gloss, stockings, outfit, shoe, stapler, hairdo, whatever it maybe, they notice.  And 9 outta 10 times, it is followed by a compliment.  My sweet coworkers. 

I try to pay compliments forward too, it makes you see the good instead of the bad. 

I mean WHO doesn’t love compliments?  What was your last compliment?  Don't you hold it close in your memory. 

It's nice to be noticed for your hard work and effort, with mere words.  So simple, yet so powerful. 

It’s free to pay them!  Share one or 10 today and make someone’s day!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Every family has one.




A cluster of back to back birthdays.  We’ve had 4 in less than 7 days, Nephew, Sister2, Niece, Son. 

I can finally breathe now, well until the 14th.  Then the birthdays are over for March.


And after some 8+ weeks, there were haircuts today!!!



My younger son has the mini Ice Cube fro going, I chuckled for a good 2-3 minutes when I saw him today.  Then up I went to get the camera.  It ages him up a bit, he was not amused by me, but he did let me follow him around like paparazzi while me made a snack.


Last Last weekend by coincidence, I went grocery shopping on a Friday.  BEST THING Ever.  I usually go on Sundays, but going after work on a Friday, left my Sunday open. 

So I did it again this past Friday.  I brought up a carload of Goodwill wares from the basement, packed it in the old minivan and I was off.


Goodwill & Groceries.  Good times.   Alone time.

I’ve lost a little steam on the decorating but the purge is still fully underway.  I have double this for the Goodwill this weekend.  PSYCHED!

Oh, I almost forgot.  I am smack dab in the middle of being a matchmaker!  and McLuvin it.  The excitement of a new love brewing.  Aaaaah, definitely feels like Spring.

So, yea, does your family have the birthday cluster too?

Talk soon.  Dueces. Holla. Lata.  Ciao.  Adios.  Bye-bye.