Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This weekend

Me & IKEA, again.


The shelves are on sale now, $20 each, that’s 1/3 off.  I originally saw it here, yup, shamelessly copied.


I did have to buy screws & anchors, that was another $8.  I wish that info were on the packaging, so I coulda grabbed them there, but not a deal breaker.  No biggie.


That’s the hubby as a baby, and Kya.  Same shaped head, same open mouth :)  I honestly didn’t notice the similarities until I took the picture.



and of course the big reminders, Love and Thankfulness! 

Dollar store frame and I printed out those words myself.  Things I learned in the blogosphere.

The best part is I was able to get a lot of the little photos, knick knacks and clutter from all around the house, in one place.  I love it,  Haikeem helped put them up, he’s a good order taker, and I’m a good director, heehee. 

It took us less than a hour, not bad at all.


Cleaning out the basement, I found this.  In black.  Painted her white.  And put it up in the blank bathroom, all myself.

Just don’t look closely or you will see the hooks, did you look closely?  I couldn’t get the frame thingy to connect with the wholes in the back.  I didn’t wanna ask for help.  No idea what that is about, whatev.  I’m really getting this it doesn’t have to be perfect thing.  Perfect is overrated!


Things are coming together.  The dining room is still a mess.


I ran out of leftover white paint, and bought one of the little $3 ones from Walmart.  I added a few drops of brown to warm it up a bit cause the original white seemed a little neon. 


The dining room table has become my easel.  I can go in there and repaint stuff during the week so it’s ready to go on the weekend.  I like the coat of white to frames, helps freshens up the room.


However, this mirror asked for pink Winking smile

Is anyone else purging?  or making a sacrifice for Lent.

I have about 11 bags ready for Goodwill, some of the stuff was NEW!  But you are what you keep and I’ve been holding onto some of this stuff for far too long.  I’m ready to be free of it.  According to the Easter Countdown clock, I still have 38 days to purge purge purge.

It’s ridiculous, I’m learning a very valuable lesson.



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