Friday, February 10, 2012


I love flowers.

They speak so many different languages, they say so much without ever saying a word.  These got to sit on my desk before they were delivered, I enjoyed every minute, they were so fragrant - absolutely gorgeous. 

We chipped in at work to get flowers for a coworker who returned to work after losing her husband.  She sent us the sweetest thank you, only cost us $4 (less than lunch) to show some luv. (I hope the Hubbs is reading this, wink wink).

Lil Oyin happy mail this week.  Their customer service is ROCKING these days, delivered in less than a week.  They really do get scents right, and I get to support handmade, bonus.

Painting, in process...

Dug out some Valentines day luv for the house.

Absolutely no plans this weekend.  No parties, no kid taxing, no family engagements, no Target runs, notta.  Excited to finish some open projects, maybe a movie with my Dude, get Kya’s valentines all done and maybe bake something, promises, no obligations.  I just wanna enjoy it.  

Oh, I really wanna get a photo of the boys, you have to see their hair!!  Both have twa's - I thought it was a bet to see who would cave first? But they are just not cutting and not talking about why, I'm starting to digg the look, it took a minute for me to like it, cause they don't groom it AT ALL, but it's grown on me.  

Have a great weekend.  Got plans?

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