Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl, RedHot, Cliques and Dubs

Haik's mom gave the boys tickets to the Philadelphia Auto Show.  So we drove down for the day.  There were two floors, one for cars and one for DUB (?), this photo is from the DUB floor. Car enthusiast heaven.

Khari (my youngest son): Mom, I took so many pictures, I was  


They really loved it, I mean loved it.  It did absolutely nothing for me, nothing.  I sat in one car, at Kya's request.  Cars are not my deal, I would have had a better time at Target, sad but true. But I'm glad we went, (even though I was secretly hoping they wouldn't finish their chores on time so I could save my gas) now I want to take them to the one in NY, they liked it that much.

Then on Sunday we were booked.  First, Kya had a birthday party, where she was very cliquey with 2 other girls, this goes down in preschool for girls? 

"My mom said I can come sit with her"
"Weeeee're getting vanilla cake"
"I have that, but miiiiiine is pink"
"Can I have a goodie bag" --- then there was no "thank you"

All very whiney and obnoxious.  UGHnnoying.  I don't know what to do.  

The boys were never like this, I'm at a loss for words on it.  It really really bugged me.  Thing is she understands really well when you talk to her, but I couldn't find right words.  I did explain this morning that I'd like her to try and play with other kids because in a group of 3 somebody always starts to feel left out, but I don't know if she "got" it.  I don't want a cliquey preschooler, any suggestions?

And finally, last night we went to a Superbowl party.  My dish was Buffalo Dip (it's a party pleaser, but use fresh chicken not the can kind).  

I usually take it in a crock pot, couldn't find mine (hello kind neighbors who came through in a clutch!!).  AND my market was out of Frank's Red Hot and Tostitos, really Wegmans, REALLY?  But alls well that ends well, we were late but we had a good time.    

Ok, gotta go now, I have to email my family and ask if anyone has my 12 year old crockpot....

How rude, How was your weekend?  Any Giants fans out there (eyes roll)...Congrats, I guess :)

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