Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Friday!

Woot Woot!
The school age kiddos are home from school today, and again on Monday.  
It's a 3 day weekend from work, I made it FOUR adding in Tuesday, HOLLA!

Well it's time for Friday Phone Dump.

I was kinda lame this week, most of them I just took yesternite.

We are still in swimming school.  I'm hoping we are close to done.  She really does love it here though.  What I love most about this school is the water is always 80+ degrees, so its warm and welcoming and as a result the kids love to get right in.   

This quote made me chuckle, 'cause it is so damn true.

We stopped at Barnes and Noble last night after swimming.  I had a giftcard since Christmas and it was BURNING a hole in my pocket.  I ended up spending it on a mug, warm drinks for me and Kya, and a $10 magazine I would never buy.  Aaaah giftcards.  

I liked this quote too.

It was in the same magazine as the first, in yet another $10 magazine.  This one was all about women and their creative spaces.  Very pretty stuff.

I made this for my Dad who sent me a sweet Valentine, with $20 bucks inside, made my week.  It really is the little things, yes?
I'm also sending him this Free printable, he's feeling a bit bummed, retired and bored (lucky duck, right?). 

Do you believe that printable is FREE, I fully intended to buy it, convo'd the artist on etsy and everythang.  She shared the link, so I share:)

Any weekend plans?

I might be babysitting, other than that. Notta. I would love to go to the cinema (in my British voice), with a big ol' bowl of greasy buttery popcorn.  mmmmm. My thighs are saying no thank you, they need to live a little, sheesh!

Thanks for dropping in.

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