Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every week.




Every week, more often than not, Kya gets a manicure.  Every week! 

She loves having her Aunt Chalana living here.  It does have it’s privileges, free babysitting, errand runner, pick up kids after 10 when I wanna turn in getter, keep up with the kids on fb person, man if only she cooked! 

But not only that, Chalana is uber girly, hair done, nails done, everything done, Kya loves that.  I do wish we had a room for her, I bet she’d stay until Prince Charming found her then.  Which is prolly her plan anyway but in her own room, she’d have a little more privacy. 


In the past I was never one for (or against) nested families.  I thought mo’ people, mo’ problems.  But now I’m leaning more towards it.  How sweet to have a Grandma, Aunt or close relative close.  Only if you’re both benefiting, of course. 

But I can definitely see the privileges.  I will start discussing the in-law suite with my children now, you should too.



I think you have to be clear about what is expected from everyone, and as long as you all get along, it could work out.  

The boys love her too.  This is Khari catching a beat down from taking her gum. 

My baby sister turns 23 tomorrow.  What does one buy for a 23 year old?  Silly me.  




I know that’s about all I wanted at 23.



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