Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every week.




Every week, more often than not, Kya gets a manicure.  Every week! 

She loves having her Aunt Chalana living here.  It does have it’s privileges, free babysitting, errand runner, pick up kids after 10 when I wanna turn in getter, keep up with the kids on fb person, man if only she cooked! 

But not only that, Chalana is uber girly, hair done, nails done, everything done, Kya loves that.  I do wish we had a room for her, I bet she’d stay until Prince Charming found her then.  Which is prolly her plan anyway but in her own room, she’d have a little more privacy. 


In the past I was never one for (or against) nested families.  I thought mo’ people, mo’ problems.  But now I’m leaning more towards it.  How sweet to have a Grandma, Aunt or close relative close.  Only if you’re both benefiting, of course. 

But I can definitely see the privileges.  I will start discussing the in-law suite with my children now, you should too.



I think you have to be clear about what is expected from everyone, and as long as you all get along, it could work out.  

The boys love her too.  This is Khari catching a beat down from taking her gum. 

My baby sister turns 23 tomorrow.  What does one buy for a 23 year old?  Silly me.  




I know that’s about all I wanted at 23.



This weekend

Me & IKEA, again.


The shelves are on sale now, $20 each, that’s 1/3 off.  I originally saw it here, yup, shamelessly copied.


I did have to buy screws & anchors, that was another $8.  I wish that info were on the packaging, so I coulda grabbed them there, but not a deal breaker.  No biggie.


That’s the hubby as a baby, and Kya.  Same shaped head, same open mouth :)  I honestly didn’t notice the similarities until I took the picture.



and of course the big reminders, Love and Thankfulness! 

Dollar store frame and I printed out those words myself.  Things I learned in the blogosphere.

The best part is I was able to get a lot of the little photos, knick knacks and clutter from all around the house, in one place.  I love it,  Haikeem helped put them up, he’s a good order taker, and I’m a good director, heehee. 

It took us less than a hour, not bad at all.


Cleaning out the basement, I found this.  In black.  Painted her white.  And put it up in the blank bathroom, all myself.

Just don’t look closely or you will see the hooks, did you look closely?  I couldn’t get the frame thingy to connect with the wholes in the back.  I didn’t wanna ask for help.  No idea what that is about, whatev.  I’m really getting this it doesn’t have to be perfect thing.  Perfect is overrated!


Things are coming together.  The dining room is still a mess.


I ran out of leftover white paint, and bought one of the little $3 ones from Walmart.  I added a few drops of brown to warm it up a bit cause the original white seemed a little neon. 


The dining room table has become my easel.  I can go in there and repaint stuff during the week so it’s ready to go on the weekend.  I like the coat of white to frames, helps freshens up the room.


However, this mirror asked for pink Winking smile

Is anyone else purging?  or making a sacrifice for Lent.

I have about 11 bags ready for Goodwill, some of the stuff was NEW!  But you are what you keep and I’ve been holding onto some of this stuff for far too long.  I’m ready to be free of it.  According to the Easter Countdown clock, I still have 38 days to purge purge purge.

It’s ridiculous, I’m learning a very valuable lesson.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

The purge is still fully underway.


Halloween booty (still around in February).




Two. Three pair of fairy wings. 



At least two blow up thingies?



Sweet piggy was safe, this time.

One bag of trash, One bag to donate.  One child who did not miss any of it. One happy Momma.

And the priceless part is knowing what not to buy in the future, what not to gift in the future.  Purging is a quiet, peaceful lesson.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

It’s the beginning of Lent

It’s 40 days before Easter (not counting Sundays).  Many Catholics won’t eat meat on Fridays and/or make a sacrifice for the time leading up to Easter.  8 years of Catholic school talking.


There was even a movie.  This year, I decided to give up clutter.  I got the idea to do this during Lent on the blogosphere.  Mostly, my clean up is related to my basement.  It’s sad.  Every time I clean it up, we filthify it again because nothing has a place it’s just a mess.



A bike for every child, sometimes 2 per kid.


Where spray paint cans go to die? 


Air mattress under the stairs, everyone has one, right?

I started cleaning this weekend with books and clothes and I’m hoping the energy doesn’t fade.  I felt the weight lift as I went to Goodwill.  Still a lot more to do…but I really want to walk down here and feel good about it and not depressed.

It’s all a part of my master plan, to Live Simply.  Easier said than done.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 day weekend





Was productive and relaxing.

I hung stuff in the bathrooms, all by myself.  I’m worked at my own pace and barely sat still, all without being tired.  So much little stuff, DONE.

I started on my biggest purge EVER, prepare for the pics and they ain’t pretty, but it’s about time and it feels so dang good.

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Friday!

Woot Woot!
The school age kiddos are home from school today, and again on Monday.  
It's a 3 day weekend from work, I made it FOUR adding in Tuesday, HOLLA!

Well it's time for Friday Phone Dump.

I was kinda lame this week, most of them I just took yesternite.

We are still in swimming school.  I'm hoping we are close to done.  She really does love it here though.  What I love most about this school is the water is always 80+ degrees, so its warm and welcoming and as a result the kids love to get right in.   

This quote made me chuckle, 'cause it is so damn true.

We stopped at Barnes and Noble last night after swimming.  I had a giftcard since Christmas and it was BURNING a hole in my pocket.  I ended up spending it on a mug, warm drinks for me and Kya, and a $10 magazine I would never buy.  Aaaah giftcards.  

I liked this quote too.

It was in the same magazine as the first, in yet another $10 magazine.  This one was all about women and their creative spaces.  Very pretty stuff.

I made this for my Dad who sent me a sweet Valentine, with $20 bucks inside, made my week.  It really is the little things, yes?
I'm also sending him this Free printable, he's feeling a bit bummed, retired and bored (lucky duck, right?). 

Do you believe that printable is FREE, I fully intended to buy it, convo'd the artist on etsy and everythang.  She shared the link, so I share:)

Any weekend plans?

I might be babysitting, other than that. Notta. I would love to go to the cinema (in my British voice), with a big ol' bowl of greasy buttery popcorn.  mmmmm. My thighs are saying no thank you, they need to live a little, sheesh!

Thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goofball Sister

Last night we hit the library for Catching Fire.  

The movie for the first book in the trio comes out next month, so I convinced Khari to get a head start on Book 2.  

While there my sister texts me a youtube video to this:

With this message: Please watch I'm dying. 

I told y'all she was a potty mouth.  It is pretty hilarious, I giggle just seeing his face. 

Also, am I last person on earth to know about Sophia Grace and Rosie?  They are everywhere!

Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Schmalentine's

Not the romantic type?
I suck at Romance but I love the song, make you feel my love

I have no special dinner planned tonight, but I was quick checking the Reader today and noticed words about “being spoiled” and I felt kinda lame that I didn’t plan anything other than the sweettreats I gave the kiddos this morning. 

When I remembered a little treat we used to have all the time - warm waffles STUFT with icecream.  Ours never look this good, but I bet they taste just as delish.  Just a quick & easy idea in case you’re lame late too, serve them warm.

Happy Valentines Day!

Parenting True Story

Yesterday Kya and I get home from work and preschool.  We walk in in the door not even 5 mins later she is dishing to her brother.

I hear –

Khari: She cursed in school, what did she say?
(Now mind you, I’ve been in the car with this chic for a good 20 minutes, another 20 in Walmart, not one word to me.  But I do love that she can share with her brother)

Me & Haik: Who cursed?
Kya: Ashley (the names in this story has been changed to protect the innocent)

Haik: Well what did she say?


Now mind you, Kya is the girl at school who follows all the rules.  She will brawl with her brothers, go WORD for WORD with me and Haik, give major sass to Chalana, but at school, angel status, she is not looking for trouble from the authorities.

Me: Did she say @ss? (now I’m using my lips but not saying the words)
Kya: No.

Me: Did she say sh*t? (still using my lips but not saying the words)
Kya: No.

Now I’m stumped, please tell me this child did not drop the F* bomb in preschool?

Kya: She said, “Damn I lost my sparkle”

Chuckle.  Well alrighty. 

In my head, I’m thinking, wow Ashley knows how to cuss.  Right context and everything.  My mother and my middle sister both cussers.  My sister has been a cusser since she was about 4 or 5.  Seriously, full on potty mouth action, so I know the type.

Haik or Khari: Who heard her?
Kya: Me and Jennie
Haik: Did anyone tell?
Kya: Well Jennie was gonna tell the teacher, but she wouldn’t let us.

Room stands still, we are all looking at each other now.  She wouldn’t let us?  Hold the phone.

Haik: What do you mean she wouldn’t let you? 
Kya: She stood in the way.
Me: So Ashley is the boss
Kya: Yep. (shaking her head in agreement)

Now there is more to the story and with it I end up trying to explain to Kya that this is not right, this is not the way friends are supposed to roll – there has been an ongoing DAILY discussion about Ashley and I’ve seen Kya’s behavior changing (for the worse).

But Kya has not been hearing me.  So last night, I busted out the big guns and used works like, ‘sucker’ and ‘bossypants’…(don’t judge me, I’m trying to save my child from a life of being a follower)

This conversation did not happen with the boys until middle school, Kya is 5, girls are so dang fast.  

In the end, I always end up “keeping it really real” with my kids, and by keeping it real, I mean either yelling, profanity (sometimes), harsh words (i.e. sucker, wack, lame) and real life scenarios cause the sugar coating fails me – every.single.time.

Is it just me? I only have my parents and family life as an example, but I would love to hear how your parents reached you.

Thanks for dropping in.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day





Kya is sharing Smarties, stickers and plastic hearts with her class.

I got the boys each their own pack of gum and a 4ct box of fruit rollups from the 50% off Dollar Spot at Target, SCORE!  I grabbed Kya a ColorWonder kit, but nothing yet for the Hubbs. 

We are so old and married, we don’t get too eexcited up for Valentines anymore.  But flowers would be a treat, cause God knows my things can’t take the chocolate.

What are you hoping for?  are there any romantics out still there?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


There was a lot of painting done this weekend.  The kitchen was my easel for most of Sunday.



But no money was spent. 


Ideas-were-a-churning, they just looked better in my head. 


This is current state of the dining room.  Eeeek!  Wreckage I tell ya. 






But the hall bath was finally shown a lil’ luv - some fabric, frames, art, quotable cards and a little time.  

Just a few finishing touches and I can cross this one off my list.

No laundry, hair or baking was completed in making of this bathroom.