Friday, January 20, 2012

When we love...

My favorite quote from this week, might actually be THUS far!

Isn't it true?  

Did you ever see that movie that movie, when Jack Nicholson says "You make me wanna be a better man" - I never forgot that line.  It was his way of admitting love.

Love does this, yes?
My children made me wanna keep a better home, be a good example, be a better mom. 
My husband made me wanna be a better cook, a better friend, a better partner
My daughter made me wanna be more creative, more expressive, use softer, gentler words (potty mouth over here, i'm soooo much better)

Has love changed you, I mean for the better?  Good love, enough with Bad Love - let it DIE.  L.I.G.  Let it Go.  My hip sister teaches me these things. 

This is our weather forecast :/  SNOW!!! I ran out at lunch and picked up some fabric so I can have something to sew, I'm running outta VCR movies though :/

I ran into a blogger at Joann's fabric, a local blogger in my hicktown, picture that :)  I said hello, who doesn't like having a "citing" - bet she blogs about it!

I hope the snow isn't too bad, I really wanna take my boys to see THIS MOVIE - just in time for Black History Month, I'm on it!!!  

Got plans?  Anything good?  Dish.

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