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New Years Resolutions – Mental, written or don't even bother?
I’ve read before that if you write down your goals you have a better chance of achieving them.  I have no idea if it’s true or not, because there are statistics for just about everything, yet nobody ever asks me anything.

I have one BIG ol’ one and about 100 teeny tiny ones.  I’m hoping to come back and read them monthly for a swift kick to stay on track.

Drumroll please……#1

If I can live simply, I think it will help me $ave, pay off my $tinky debt and reduce clutter.  

I did a lot better this year on all 3 but alas I still make impulse purchases, I am STILL magnetized by: 

I swear they flash at me in blinking lights.  
Do they blink at you too?

But I did sooo much better in 2011.  I can't tell you how many times I returned goods before actually buying realizing I didn't need them & I made lots of returns after as well -   realizing I could use the money rather than the item.  Yay! for getting older and wiser :) 

As for the 100 teeny tiny ones…..
  1. Give the short answer.  Sometimes I’m too wordy.
  2.  Be nicer. Unfortunately, I can be nasty, and mostly to those closest to me, ie. my kiddos and the Hubbs :(  When I hear myself after the words have already come out of my mouth, I want to crawl under a rock.  Who is Mrs. Nasty?  Sending that attitude back.  I do eat humble pie and apologize later but ‘er um, I can manage my mouth (and attitude) better. 
  3.  Manage projects.  I love a project, but why must I start 80 and not finish any. UGHnnoying.
  4. Cut the sh*t.  My basement is only 3 steps short of a Hoarders episode.  Every year I buy buy buy to finish prettying the house.  But really I just want it clean.  I realize now I have to declutter and then work on the pretty.  Got me.
  5. Accessorize!  My daughter really likes bling.  I mean gaudy, feminine bling.  Me, not so much, unless we talking diamonds, HEY!  But yep, going there, and getting blingy wit' it.
  6. Give Back.  Consistently.  No idea how, but I’m willing to try.
  7. Judging.  I need to mind my own dang business.  Not everything that pops in my head comes out of my mouth (thank heavens!)  I need to manage my thoughts better, even more positive thinking...check out my inspiration on pinterest.
  8. Exercise.  I would like to finish one song on Just Dance without needing oxygen.  I think I would really like biking, and I own one. BONUS.
  9. Be adventurous, say yes and don’t wimp out just cause something seems hard.  Chicken Little, I am not.
  10. Learn to make my favorite foods and save some moolah.  I am a regular at my local Chinese restaurant, and all I get is simple stuff like fried rice and shrimp rolls.  I learned to make one of my favorite dishes in 2011 and I would really really like to add more.  If you like Chinese, try this, it's so good, a lot of prep but easy and so  delicious (ignore the gluten free part if that doesn’t pertain to you).  I’ve made this dish twice now, it’s my new go to recipe when funding is low.  Come over, I would love to make it for you :) and I like it SPICAAAAAY.

What about you?  Any must have changes in 2012 for you?  think BIG, yo!!! 

Thanks for dropping in and Happy New Year!!!! (on New years Eve, I forget the "r" on year, it was either a) I was sleepy, b) one too many cocktails c) silly ipad...d)all of the above...i will never tell)

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