Monday, January 9, 2012



This is the *NEW* color of the laundry room, it’s a really faint, sagey grey.  Lame, neutral, my usual :)  I just cant stop doing laundry now.  NOT!

I added some white to a can of Oops paint I already had and ended up loving it.  It’s the perfect splash of color for a Plain Jane like me.

I never even knew people bothered to paint the laundry room? but leave it up to the blogosphere to school ya.


It’s the first room you see coming in the house from the garage. 

I hung that wreath on a piece of fabric I got from a local store for $1/yard.  Bonus!  My original plan was is to make me a scarf with it.  One day. 

Since it still felt undone, I hung a pillow sham over the window.  This window faces the yard and is pretty high up so you can’t see in unless you walk back really far.


Only one room left in the house that is still builder white.  Whoohoo!

The PC is working….barely.

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