Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays, I live for the weekends J

My first full week of work in about a month.  I survived.

I read an interesting series over the past weekend about a No Brainer Wardrobe.  I was blog-hopping and got linked to the ebook for $8 but after digging a little further noticed there was a blog that originated the ebook, so I just went on and read the free series.
The tagline was Get Dressed with More Confidence and Less Fuss.  It starts here in the month of October and was about 30 posts long.  It was short and sweet (with pics), and it just got me thinking about STUFF I own but DON’T wear, the clothes I actually do wear and all the clothes I wish I had more of. 

When I was done reading, I didn’t feel like I needed to diet or go shopping or wear what everyone was else was wearing.  Can you guess what I did - I immediately purged a few items I didn’t love (why was I holding on to them, I dunno. ) 

And then this week, I tried to mix things up with what I had, some things worked, some didn’t, some things I am just plain old forcing and hoping will look good.

I found a lot more outfits I liked on pinterest and in general just tried to look for commonality in them.

Here’s what I found:
I love brown
I love skirts
I love jeans (knew this)
I love white shirts
I love tall boots
I like teal
I love handbags
I love gray
I love bling, bracelets and necklaces
I love big ol chunky belts
I love funky flats
I love cardigans
I love dresses
I love scarfs
I’m not a fan of prints or flowers or button ups.  Nothing AT all wrong with them, just not me, I’m a solids kinda girl…
I love rings but I just don’t wear ‘em.

I ended up starting an outfit board :)

I did treat myself to a pair of boots (with a coupon & free shipping).  I had been pining over this pair since Fall but the price tag was ALL wrong.  I tried ebay, I tried google, I tried everything, I tried saving, it was not meant to be.   My much more price friendly boots are due to arrive today, I hope I like them in person.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. It’s snowing here – RIGHT NOW :)

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