Saturday, April 30, 2011

HOT date last nite



Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home Inspiration


These are mobile phone photos, bear with me folks, I sent my baby in today…

Kya’s Bedroom…possibly diy?



bathroom accessory, $14.99 (not too bad?)

IMG00120It’s a lantern, it has a glass dish in it.  I was thinking I could fill it with bars of soap or a candle.  Versatility. For $14.99, this was in the cart but not on the list. I put it back. I miss it already.


Shower curtain. I really like this and I’m not a floral kinda gal.

My bedroom.


This style fabric is called Suzani  (I just learned that) and I am in luv with it.  But I don’t want brown/orange/taupe.  I have my eyes on one…in an etsy shop, but I don’t know what colors yet.


this was a white/taupe stripe. I was thinking they might fill in for these:

west elm

that I have been oogling from West Elm.  The green is on sale now ($69 for a King set), hmmm. I really need new bedding.  I have a 15% coupon too, that might cover the s&h and make it worth my while.  Doesn’t it have some POP without being over the top masculine.  The hubbs is not into floral bedding, whatev, ‘tis ok, just makes my creative juices work harder.


they also had the sheets in navy…West Elm is better?


and this quilt.

Can’t leave Target without checking the Dollar Spot.


50% off – BONUS!

Aaaaaah, if only I had loads of money.  I would have definitely spent more.  Instead I got dish soap, lotion and corn nuts. 



If you don’t remember corn nuts, I am really showing my age.

Happy Thursday nite! – adele channel is really the *ish, lil lauryn hill – I miss u Lauryn!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Remember how I was McLuvn this just the other day:

(you all do remember McLovin from Superbad, super funny movie)

wall art

Over it.  Now, Imma luvn this. 


and it’s not because I chickened out of the tree either.  I just really dig the simplicity and color in exhibit 2.

I am following a series over at 320 Sycamore on How to Finish a Room, the first step was to find inspiration. Check.

And now its on like popcorn! or Its on like Donkey Kong! you choose.  {I get these cheesy references from my kidds and they just stick} 

God Luv them.


Still catching up



Found this in my reader:  Brazilian Blowout vs. State of California, California says ‘er umm, “it’s not safe”,  “yea it does have chemicals” and “formaldehyde-free”, they disagree.  Say Whut? Get ‘em Cali.


In other news, I found the warranty for the camera (YAY!) the lens is not covered but beggars can’t be choosers.  I am one happy Momma…


Monday, April 25, 2011

My weekend and big bad fear


How was the weekend?  I had my sisters kiddos and my middle son had a birthday! 

He turned 12.  Time is flying by…


Easy inexpensive gifts at this age, Phillies cap, Pokemon White (I kept calling it Pokeman, ha!), call it done.  Nothing by Abercrombie, but they do make quality stuff and the bags hold up well for recycling :)


Khari is the humblest of the bunch – so easy to luv, so affectionate and kind hearted.  He’s smart, a talented dancer & athlete, and so friendly he ALWAYS comes home from camps and stuff with phone numbers of people who want to stay in contact.  Funny. 



Anyhoo, while the kidds were playing hide and seek in the dark…(it’s a cousin sleepover thing) my camera was accidentally knocked off the kitchen counter (I’m sure it was the long strap) and as of right now, it’s not working. Tears. Ok not quite, but I really do like my camera and will miss it badly. Let’s hope this isn’t the end.

I have a lil knot in my stomach about it… it’s still under warranty but I have no idea where the receipt and warranty card are so tonight, this week, I will get to looking for that.  A lot.


Oh and fear …

I really wanted to get this for my daughter’s room.

wall art

image here: get it on etsy

but I really didn’t want to spend $80 bucks.  Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s worth the money cause those decals come right off so you can place them nice and easy, but man, I just couldn’t cut the check.

Anyhoo.  I had a credit at Michael’s so today, I just bought the dang acrylic paints, .59c each.  And I’m gonna give it a go.  But the fear of failing had me stuck for a minute.

Fear is crippling.  Fear of failing.  I just won’t have it.


image (get it on etsy)

Worse comes to worse, I can just paint over it. Duh. I promise to share it.  Good or Bad.  Good or Bad camera too. 

I had ZERO online time this weekend with 5 kiddos and now I have to get the Lil Miss to bed.  My reader is full…so much to do, so little time.

Ok Peeps, Holla.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My favorite


…time of Year starts right about now!

The sandals



and skirts….

bodenusa beige

target maxi

the sun is still up right now, 7:11p. LUV!?

It was overcast and rainy alllllllllllllllll day.   When I left work the sun was blazing so brightly, I had to shield my eyes to get to see straight ahead.  But my mood changed right with it.  Just got me to thinking how happy I am it’s Spring, and how much I’m looking forward to what this new season will bring.

So home I ran to shine up the toes and break out the sandals.  Aaah, it’s the simple things.




Monday, April 18, 2011

Water for Elephants


I finished the book on Saturday and felt all “circusy”,


so I and treated the fam



to some expired Funnel Cake


‘cause that’s how we roll.   Fun really was had by all (:

But enough about me, how was your weekend? 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is where I've been bloggin lately.

Always with a cup of coffee (see it?)

I'm always cold, but you can't type with a blanket on your arms!
I brought in a VCR today and hooked it up to my banging 19" TV (from college, circa 1993?). 



The Hubbs just shook his head.  He's a snob, I'm cool with it.

The laptop power cord has a short at the end and hasn't been charging the battery properly.

I priced it out, $60 buxx might have been the cheapest I found it.  REALLY!  I gotta check ebay too but for now, the shared house computer is working fine.  Plus I'm still trying not to spend money this April.  Remember?

It's always nice to get a peek into other people's home. Right?  Well this is how I do it...

Thanks for dropping in.


The past few weeks my boys have been under Marshall Law for mediocre report cards (around here that is more than one 'C').

I mean really, if you can sing every song on the radio and every opening jingle for Disney and Nickelodeon, I do suppose you can use your resources and figure out your studies.

Anyhoo, under Marshall Law. No TV, No Computer, No Cell Phones, Notta.

They found reading.  The gates have opened.

and I will prolly never return to letting them watch TV during the school week.  It was hard in the beginning but it is for the best.  Even they don't miss, I don't think. 

In our recent trips to the Library, my daughter borrowed Silverlicious (by Victoria Kann), and I really luvd the ending. 

It was a gentle reminder:

In case you can't see the copy of the copy, it reads:
Sweetness comes from the inside. 
When you are sweet,
the world and all the delicious things in it will be sweet too!

I luvd it so much I made a copy of the page to remind myself and my daughter. 

gate image

Thanks for dropping in.  Now go be sweet to someone.

A body in motion...

...tends to stay in motion.

This past weeked I was a machine. 

I finally covered a busted canvas, see the rip?  
I used Navy fabric I scored for $1/yard.

the plan is to make something for my younger sons wall.  

I really like this:

but not the $99 price tag,

I recovered 3 outta 4 of the kitchen table chair seat. 
With only a screwdriver, fabric and a staple gun. 
No Hubbs.


Out with the black.

In with the print.
I do have one more to do.

a tale of two mirrors.
perfectly fine.
sitting against a wall.

met their fate with a can of spray paint.

Whut whut.

Best part:

I never left the house.
Never spent any money, I had everything on hand.

This house will be a home. 
Yea, I said it.
I'm a machine.

Thanks for dropping in.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 well 4 days of hair

For months now I've been getting a good 4 days out of a braid out.  You're dying to know!!!yes????

I just unravel the 3 sections in a braid because it fluffens during the week (and cause I'm lazy)

Fluffen: adj, to fill out :)

I'm really not sure if that if Day 2 is Day 2, I think it's Day 3?  I'm sorry I missed a day and already labeled the images! Argh!

But Day 3 is definitely Day4 because I remember having to put that bobby pin in. The front was just a big floppy piece of fuzz.  I put three braids in the front that night and we were back in business on Friday.

Shampoo: Yes to carrots (the orange one)
Conditioner: Hello Hydration
Leave-In: Oyin Whipped Pudding
Moisturizer/Setting: Hair Gelly

Nobodys Home

I came home recently the other day and the house was EMPTY.  This doesn't happen often.

Anyhoo, I used the time to learn my camera.  I've been trying to take better photos (and be more photogenic, is that possible?).

Ever see yourself on facebook and wonder, why o why did I have that face?????

Case in point..I just grabbed that from a family members fb. 

Here are some from my photo shoot, while learning to use some of the features on my camera.  There is a dirty bathroom mirror involved..bare with me.

But I was pretty pleased with the blurry dirty reflection look.

I giving models/actresses a LOT more credit, it's hard to look at yourself and not see every flaw.  Soooo hard. 

Hope your day is going good.  Deuces!