Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ipod is back..


I whined before how my PC died and I lost all my pics and music.  Wah Wah Wah

BUT I still had my iPod with all the music so I used this lifesaving video to get it back on my PC. {insert big cheese grin RIGHT here}

how to xfer songs from iPod to Computer FREE

Lesson Learned: Don’t laugh at the Geek Squad Pocket Protector Dudes! EVER.

Since I hadn’t synced to my PC in a while, I also lost all the new music I had recently purchased.  I used the ‘contact us’ email for itunes, told them about my dilemma & right now - as I type all 329 downloads are loading back!!!!!!

Sure, I’ll have duplicates, but seriously how is that for Customer Service? Pretty Kick @ss, right?

Luvn Apple right now and the Super Hero Geek dude who did that video.

Other than that, my weekend has been the same (laundry, vacuum, dusting, hair, repeat).  I did check out The Dilemma last night, not bad 3.5 stars outta 5.

Anything exciting in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FRESH thoughts…


tan my dearie $150.


plaited 188

image1&3 image2

These images are already invading my email box.  I do not mind!  I luv sandals!! I luv Summer!!! &  These two clothiers meet my standards of Mommy Modest & pretty pretty. 

Their prices, not so modest :(

A girl can dream….and $ave.

Goodbye snow. Goodbye boots. Your days are numbered.

Thanks for dropping in.

Psst, have you seen her?


I’ve been using Microsoft templates a lot lately it seems the last few weeks and each time I am greeted by this….

on microsoft


Made me smile.  Just reassuring to know that world is seeing this natural haired Lady as beautiful too.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY Leave-In Conditioner/Hair Milk…maybe?


Every since I made this, I was wondering if it work for a leave in conditioner?

whole jar

So this weekend, I tried it.

But instead of using 3/4 cup of oil, I did an oil blend; a mix of shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil all mixed together (with the beeswax). 


Since I wanted the consistency to stay creamy and not go back to the consistency of the butters, I wanted more than half of the oil blend to be made of pourable oils.  (If your no good with math, fyi 3/4 cup = 6 oz….so I made sure 3-3.5 oz were liquid oils.)

Then once it all melted.


I turned on the blender (water inside only) already in motion but leave the top open so you can pour in the melted oil blend/beeswax.




                                    blend baby blend

And I left it to blend a min or so.  It was a pourable delight, my sister was over so she helped get this ACTION flick, ooooh aaaaah.


I was happy.

Meanwhile, this is what the fam was doing…


If you have a Wii or Xbox (with Kinect) you have to rent this game for your next family function.  The music goes back to James Brown - Tina Turner - Kris Kross  and Andre 3000 through to Ke$ha – funnee stuff and great exercise, I promise you.  [the game is Just Dance]

Anyway, when I got up in the morning, I wanted to look in on the goods, it was hair day.  This is what I found.


It separated. BOOOOO!  I was irked.

But I didn’t wanna quit, so I put back in a blender.  I MacGyvered it so I wouldn’t have to stand there and hold the button  (thank you nice toothpick) and water just ran out….ugh


tonight it looks like this….


not creamy, but it smells nice and it works.  It wasn’t SNBE Journey Milk (which softens my hair like no other!) and there is still small teeny tiny bits of water separation in it …so I have to say, this DIY still needs tweaking.

I used it and will use the balance too, if it doesn’t go bad.

I tried another mix that I have done before and it sucked too.  It was a bad mixing night, altogether.


I used all the jacked up goods and my hair came out like normal.  So I’m happy. I tried to take a picture with the webcam but remember when my hard drive crashed, well I guess that wipes out the webcam software. Bummer.

[fyi – the original lotion recipe is still available here. we used it over the summer, it was diy goodness. not heavy enough for these PA winters though]

This is the longest post of life.

Thanks for subscribing to my madness.

I am the glue.


tiffany glueI am the glue that holds it all together round here.

The boys are running around playing, being boys, being brothers.  And I hate telling them to quit it, but Kya is in bed, and I just want her to go to sleep so she will not be a Krabby Pattie in the AM and I can get to work on time.  For once.

HIM.  He who has been out of town for the past 9 days. Is doing this:


and snoring.  MUST BE NICE.

Me, I’m eating another bag of my favorite sour sugar coated candy, with a glass of water.  Bedtime snack?


I’m trying out wide-mouth mason jars for drinking glasses, so far me likey ($9 for 12).  I figure if when the kids break them, it won’t make me as mad as when they break the nice ones we that we are completely out of.



These are perfect for guests, soda, water, cocktails, double – triple duty. 

The male offspring of mine are still making noise, its 10:01pm. Ugh. No rest for the weary, does that apply?

I am happy to have a home, family, food, it’s just sometimes, I wanna be the one to get to bed early and not wake up to a shipwreck, ya know?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A case of Mistaken Identity…


A lady at work recently BCd.  I mean cut her hair down to a buzz cut, and it is a refreshing change from her hair pulled back in a ponytail which wasn’t very flattering (imho)

She and I have never worked together but we always chat about life, family, etc as we’ve seen each other at places outside of work.

Anyhoo, I sent her an email yesterday when I noticed it wasn’t the ponytail:

florence email

Everyone loves a compliment, yes?

Here was the reply:

the reply

I could not stop laughing.  This woman is an EXECUTIVE at  my company but took my Mistaken Identity email like a champ!

I wrote her back and assured her, her hair was probably fabulous.  What a start to the weekend! 

Only two Florence’s in the company and yea, I pick the wrong one.  Egg on my face.  That Tiffany is a real winner! 

Have a great weekend, Peeps.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Negotiating. Is an art.


I read somewhere recently (on a blog of course), a person explaining how they make agreements with themselves.

CRACK ME UP!  I do this all the time – in my head.


Tiffany: If you finish folding that pile of laundry, you can watch TV for the rest of the night. Yea baby!

Tiffany: If you eat an apple, you can have the glazed croissant. Yummm.

Tiffany: If you finish that assignment, you can surf the web while everyone is at the meeting. (heehee)

Tiffany: If you clear the kitchen now, you can head to bed early. YES!

Tiffany: If you finish your house projects you can have more time to sew, read blogs, surf the web… Yes please!

That’s just this week.  And let me tell you it works. Are you an effective negotiator or do you just manage your time well? I need all the help I can get, do tell.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pluck me.


I’ve mentioned before that I do not like to pay S&H.

I also don’t like crappy Customer Service.

Well, I kept reading rave review about this but everytime I try to buy, I get an out of stock message.  This time they’ve been Out of stock since Black Friday. Really?



So I figured shoot, let me try to mix something and I found this recipe here: (I edited it a bit below, I scratched the Rosemary, not a fan)

shea amla

I went to the site she recommended From Nature with Love but my order was less than $25 so there was a $5 fee – uh, no thank you.

So off to ebay I went, and bought Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil.

Are you still herDabur Amla Gold Hair Oil 300mle?

Guess what. It’s junk.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Canola Oil, Elaeis guineensis oil, phyllanthus emblica & lawsonia inermis extract, perfume, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, pheyl trimethicone, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, romarinus officinalis oil, tertiary butyl hydroquinone and some coloring.

Seriously! UGH! Being cheap sometimes bites.  And I just knew it was the truth since so many of the sellers were from India, I was for sure it was the real deal. $10 GONE (thank heavens it wasn’t more)

But I’m still blaming Qhemet Biologics – make some inventory MANNNNN! 

Can you imagine how much business they are losing being Out of stock, 6 weeks at a time? Really QB, Really!