Monday, December 19, 2011


kya turns 5

I was wondering today, how many times a day do I use  I’m gonna record it one day, I’m sure it’s a lot.  I google EVERYTHING.  I’m probably their Biggest (and most loyal) customer, do you google? or bing? 

I have an iphone4 and an ipad2 – both since the Summer, but today is the first day I got to use facetime.  We really are in the future!!  I can’t stop thinking about that.

Do you send ‘thank yous’? I really think they add a personal touch.  My own ill-mannered children don’t always give this gesture and it bugs me, but we’re working on it.  Tonight I had Kya write her thank yous from her bday, she was happy to do it and sealed them before I got to take a look.  You realize she is 5 and can’t spell much besides Kya, I wonder what they say. 

Tonight was my office holiday party, I may or may not have ate my weight in shrimp and spiked the punch.


I finally got to wrap something in kraft paper.  I stole the rest of the wrapping décor from Susie and Martha, don’t you love blogs, full of inspiration.

I read someone else’s mail at work.  Calm it down, I just peeked in it, it was a magazine, Real Simple.  It has a good article about social networking, facebook, twitter, etc and how differently everyone uses it.  There is a blurb about it here, are you Team Can’t Be Bothered or Team Can’t Live Without It?  Personally, I’m over social networking except for loving that right now. 

We don’t exchange gifts here but I always enjoy the season, I usually bake something for my neighbors, last year it cinnamon rolls, this year I’m thinking these.  Cause these apple dumplings from Thanksgiving did NOT go over well.

I’ve been hard at work here, all week painting over thrifted frames to get something on the walls in here.  I wanted to do one bubble painting to add some color and whimsy.




But the big one for the wall came out in a puddle.  Not cute, glad we had everything on hand so no money was lost in the making of this craft. 

I’d have to add that during this craft Kya found a frozen ice in the freezer and ditched me. 


Ok wrapping up, online tonight, I was visiting, they linked to this website, and I had to go look, it is one of my goals, getting organized.  While visiting I noticed their TV center and liked it.  But knew I couldn’t afford it to purchase built-ins. 

Lightbulb moment: Ikea bookcases.  Then I thought, they would be too plain.  Boo. 

But wait - we could add moulding?  Lightbulb moment, google: Ikea hacker and sure enough, there were details and images of someone that had already successfully tried it.  Booyah!

Did I mention how much I love google :)  So Inspired ….hope you are too.

Enjoy the Season!

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