Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silly laptop

It's The EVE of New Years Eve! Excited for what is to come? I am!!!

I wanted to do a post today about my trip to Ikea, do you love it or hate it? I love it. I got out spending $40 bucks, patting myself on the back, so many inexpensive goodies there it's hard to stay focused. But I managed, that was a first!

I was inspired on my trip, so many pretties for almost any lifestyle: family, collegiate, minimalist, green, romantic, bold. I like ikea. But I Must purge. I Must declutter. So I can see more pretties, instead of just.... STUFF of which I have ALOT. Story of my life. Lets see how long the inspiration lasts, sigh.

Last Ikea mention that they should be paying me for, If you luv lattes & cappuccinos but hate the price (sideeye Starbucks), Ikea has a milk frother for $2!! It's is my new boo, two double A batteries (from the remote control and I was in business).

In other news, my laptop is not responsive, I ordered a battery from
Amazon, hopefully its the last $40 bucks I have to invest in the ol' HP before I can buy a MACBOOK :)

Before I go just want to send all the best wishes for a safe, healthy and prosperous new year to you and your family.

All the best.

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