Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Ideas

I know this will be a BIG shopping weekend for all the holiday shoppers.  I wanted to throw out my 2 cents on a neighbor, coworker, teacher gift idea. 

Last year, I saw this idea and I really liked it.



I thought, wouldn’t that cute sentiment be jazzier with this:

fam fun


I had done something similar for my sisters baby shower in 2009 as favors.


And they were a hit, most people texted us and said how good the cookies came out.  All they had to add was an egg, butter and vanilla.  This year, I searched online for dry vanilla so all my recipients have to add is the egg and butter, it arrived in less than 5 days.  Whoohoot.   {word to the wise: I did put the cookie ingredients in a cellophane bag inside the paper bag so the goodies don’t stain the paper.}

I just realized I should test this new vanilla before I gift it!

Last thing, don’t forget to package it pretty.  I’m going craft paper this year.

pinterest, oh how I’m liking thee!

red ribbon

red heart

kraft paper

Being green can be chic.

Well there’s my idea if want to gift something small, a batch of fresh hot chocolate chip cookies for Christmas morning or whenever they choose.

Happy Holidays!

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