Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wifi down.

Internet access round here was down last night.  The entire house was in bed, knocked out by 10.  So fortunate it came back on today around 4 and I am almost done all the opens in my reader.

Speaking of my Google Reader.  On average I would normally spend 5-10 hours a week at work reading blogs, searching the internet, click click clicking.  Terrible right, my work load was just not demanding at ALL.  Well understandably, my employer has been having MAJOR layoffs and I was for sure – FOR SURE that with my limited work I was on “The List”.  In the end, both my manager and director were separated at the end of September and my workload has been kicking my tush ever since.

It’s good and bad.  Good because I’m being challenged {a little} and the days are flying by; bad because I can’t read my BLOGS!  I kidd I kidd. 

So spoiled.


But, I got through 2 open projects today, whut! whut!

#1.  I painted my bedroom lamps a yellowy white blend.  Hard to explain, I’ll take a pick when it’s not so dark out.  I really like them, today

#2 Hanging the tissue poms: I took this picture (top) at the doorway of Kya’s room.  I would like to add a few more poms, to fluff it out some.  (how do u like the the dirt on the ceiling fan, niiiiiice right?  another thing on the list, sheesh!)


In case you are wondering, the poms are hanging from a hook with string on the ceiling.

Kya likes them, yay!

We are about to hit the cinema, finally, Tower Heist, a lil Eddie, Ben and Gabourey.   I’m paying 10pm prices, it better be good.

Thanks for subscribing.





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