Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gobble Gobble


My mom was a really good cook. 


Haik’s Grandmom Mary is a really good cook and so is his Mom.  Talk about pressure.ovenI want to be a really good cook, I think most women do. 

But ‘er um, since I don’t eat a lot of things (herb stuffing, mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, told you I was picky) it makes it difficult for me to prepare them cause I don’t know how they should taste. 

Last year we did Thanksgiving at home and everything came out so good,    thanks you Chow Basics.  It was the perfect guide for the novice who knows the ingredients, but just doesn’t know the exact measurements to get a good flavor balance.

Here’s a few tricks I learned:

  • grease your cornbread stuffing pan with butter so it’s moist and tasty (and impressive)
  • stuff lemon in your turkey (it will not taste lemony)
  • how to make a roux (so fancy pants)

This year I’m trying fresh cranberry sauce, yo.

I know how I want stuff to taste and look but sometimes the execution isn’t always perfect.  Thank God and the heavens for giving me the internet with photographs.  I’m still learning and if you need a coach for your meal, check out Thanksgiving for beginners – btw those are their pics.

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