Friday, November 25, 2011




We tried out homemade cranberry sauce this year, wasn’t a crowd favorite, although the Hubbs like it.


There was some dry turkey, eyes roll.


We used EVERY stick of butter shown.  For serious.


I promised myself not to stress & show my Type A personality.

I didn’t make rolls from scratch.

I didn’t bake Haik’s birthday cake on Wednesday nite.

I didn’t prepare two vegetables for Turkey day.

I used to mentally judge people who bought store bought pies, but now I get it.  You do what you can and let the rest fall into place.

Everyone helped prepare our meal and was suprisingly happy to help.   

Hope your Thanksgiving was stress free and that you are still full of thanks and gratitude.


Oh, the funny part.  I cleaned out the leftovers on Wednesday night.  I OVER used the garbage disposal (pasta, whole clementines) and clogged up the sink – on Thanksgiving EVE people! 

I hoped and wished and prayed that Haik could fix it with the plunger.  Nope.  I was a little grumpy about it, at first.  But then I forgave myself and went about having a thankfull day.  We washed dishes in the laundry room which in turn made me more thankful for basic stuff like indoor plumbing

Today, $40.81, and 20 mins later, it is repaired.  The salesman remembered the Hubbs from his last visit.  Smh and smiling, lesson learned.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gobble Gobble


My mom was a really good cook. 


Haik’s Grandmom Mary is a really good cook and so is his Mom.  Talk about pressure.ovenI want to be a really good cook, I think most women do. 

But ‘er um, since I don’t eat a lot of things (herb stuffing, mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, told you I was picky) it makes it difficult for me to prepare them cause I don’t know how they should taste. 

Last year we did Thanksgiving at home and everything came out so good,    thanks you Chow Basics.  It was the perfect guide for the novice who knows the ingredients, but just doesn’t know the exact measurements to get a good flavor balance.

Here’s a few tricks I learned:

  • grease your cornbread stuffing pan with butter so it’s moist and tasty (and impressive)
  • stuff lemon in your turkey (it will not taste lemony)
  • how to make a roux (so fancy pants)

This year I’m trying fresh cranberry sauce, yo.

I know how I want stuff to taste and look but sometimes the execution isn’t always perfect.  Thank God and the heavens for giving me the internet with photographs.  I’m still learning and if you need a coach for your meal, check out Thanksgiving for beginners – btw those are their pics.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


39 Random Things about Me!

(I wrote this post out for my bday, only 5 months ago, sheesh)




  • I grew up in housing owned by the City of Philadelphia until I was a teenager.
  • I went to Catholic School until 8th grade and was a star student in Religion but never baptized.  Go figure.
  • I tried to go vegetarian, twice. 
  • I am a Philadelphia native.
  • I love seafood.
  • I am a Drexel Dragon even though I lived within walking distance all of Temple University most of my life.
  • If I were in college now, I would not pick the same major.
  • I used to be a cry baby, now I’m a little better. 
  • I’m usually very calm, unless it involves my kids (then I’m hot-headed Wolverine, ready for war).
  • I don’t have a favorite color.
  • I am picky, picky, picky.
  • I don’t eat eggs unless they are mixed in something (like fried rice or potatoe salad).  I also don’t eat cold cheese or cheese spreads – but pizza, parmesan and nacho cheese, yes,yes and yes.
  • I tried to teach myself to smoke (smh) fortunately somethings are not meant to be.
  • I would jump at the opportunity to move to another country for a few years. 
  • My bffs love for music rubbed off on me, it’s a great mood changer.
  • I am a straight shooter, it is both good and bad.  People say they want the truth, and now they come to expect it.  Sometimes I don’t want to give it.
  • I admire old people, wait friendly old people.
  • I love babies.
  • I used to play Pitty Pat, 500 and Scrabble daily when I was a kid.
  • tootie
  • As a kid in the Summer, I tried to mimic Tootie’s hair cause we both loved to roller skate.
  • Most of my family is ghetto (I could tell you some stories) with big hearts.
  • Most Reality TV makes me roll my eyes in my head, cause I know real drama.
  • I TiVo about 6 TV shows and I barely get to watch them, but I subscribe to about 75 blogs and make time to read them.
  • I would prolly still have a perm if it weren’t for Kya.
  • I love quotes.
  • I’m beginning to “get” vintage and I think I like it.
  • I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 25 years old.
  • I miss public transportation so much.
  • My picky palette loves Asian and Thai, fried rice & pad thai, mmmmm.
  • I just started drinking coffee in my late 30s. 
  • I have a luv for typography (fonts).
  • I am a city girl at heart, keep the countryside and camping – no way.
  • My husband just started listening to Country music (darius rucker .aka. hootie, he loves you) and now I like some of it too, but don’t tell him.
  • I like to spell and say peoples names correctly. 
  • I prefer to give gifts.
  • The glass is definitely half full.
  • I believe repeatedly repeating information is meant for children, not adults.
  • I have finally learned to say “no” without remorse.
  • I like all things heat hot and spicy.


that might even be 40 :) 


My home style

I keep a folder on my work & home PC called inspiration.


Whenever I see a photo of something I like, I save it to the folder.  (I know you can use pinterest to do this, but I haven’t taken the time to figure that all the way out just yet)



This one I liked the simplicity of the night stand, plant, lamp, clock. 





Easy bathroom wall art.  Regular paper, frame, fabric for mat, simple, call it done.




Reminded me of the color I painted my bedroom.



Those pretty yellow flowers just popped.  But so gonna pass on the lady over fireplace.


Do you notice my pattern:  gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray, white, taupe, cream, gray.


I’m am just drawn to these colors. 


In my own head, I though BOOOORING, yawn.   But then I realized that these boooring colors are actually a style, cottage style, Restoration Hardware, au naturale, classic.  And it’s my style. 


I have been fighting my lack of love for color but have decided to just go on and embrace it.  I’m all about linen and natural fibers.  It only took me a good 15+ years to figure it out. 


What about you?  Find your style here and don’t forget to tell me, mine said:

Anything goes as long as it goes together. Blending different eras and styles with a single statement. My home has Eclectic Style.

But more like, Anything goes as long as it’s gray, cream, taupe and white.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



Huge difference with detangling, per the packaging ideal for “detangling, smoothing and grooming all types of medium to very long hair.” 

I bought this one at TJ Maxx for $6 yesterday.  I seriously can’t believe how it cut down my detangling time in the shower today, less than half the time.  It was magical.  Best money spent all weekend.

I first learned about it here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cleaning trick

baking soda

I was playing around on pinterest and saw this natural recipe for a cleaner.

So I tried it on our refrigerator ice/water dispenser.  It has taken some damage over the last few years and I couldn’t get it white again, even with bleach.  (I’m assuming the colors came from our cups?)





And since then, I’ve been like the like the Frank’s Red Hott Lady:


But it’s true. 


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wifi down.

Internet access round here was down last night.  The entire house was in bed, knocked out by 10.  So fortunate it came back on today around 4 and I am almost done all the opens in my reader.

Speaking of my Google Reader.  On average I would normally spend 5-10 hours a week at work reading blogs, searching the internet, click click clicking.  Terrible right, my work load was just not demanding at ALL.  Well understandably, my employer has been having MAJOR layoffs and I was for sure – FOR SURE that with my limited work I was on “The List”.  In the end, both my manager and director were separated at the end of September and my workload has been kicking my tush ever since.

It’s good and bad.  Good because I’m being challenged {a little} and the days are flying by; bad because I can’t read my BLOGS!  I kidd I kidd. 

So spoiled.


But, I got through 2 open projects today, whut! whut!

#1.  I painted my bedroom lamps a yellowy white blend.  Hard to explain, I’ll take a pick when it’s not so dark out.  I really like them, today

#2 Hanging the tissue poms: I took this picture (top) at the doorway of Kya’s room.  I would like to add a few more poms, to fluff it out some.  (how do u like the the dirt on the ceiling fan, niiiiiice right?  another thing on the list, sheesh!)


In case you are wondering, the poms are hanging from a hook with string on the ceiling.

Kya likes them, yay!

We are about to hit the cinema, finally, Tower Heist, a lil Eddie, Ben and Gabourey.   I’m paying 10pm prices, it better be good.

Thanks for subscribing.





Friday, November 4, 2011

Major Goodwill score



If you can’t see it, it reads,  code 16 then the price….$1.99.  I couldn’t believe it, it went in the cart, quick!  I roll into Target on Friday for trick or treat candy and see the same lamp on sale….


Originally $49.99 on sale, at $34.98.  Yes, sure mine has a few scuff marks, but heck it would get those living here anyways.

Major score.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is not such a good idea all the time.

When you’re cooking dinner, sure, it’s kool cause you want the meal to be done at the same time.

But when you’re running a household.  No bueno.


Exhibit 1: Wall art for my son’s room.  On my bedroom floor.


Exhibit 2: Applique I started for my nephew who turned 2, yep, he already had his birthday…..2 weeks ago.  Plucks oneself on forehead.


Exhibits 3 & 4:  Tissue poms I started for Kya’s room & an armoire from Kya’s room I want to sell on Craigslist but I don’t know where I put the original knobs for the photo (cause who buys anything without a photo?)


Exhibit 6: Bedroom lamps I want to paint to have more Umph!


Exhibit 7: Sweet, colorful family rules reminder I started, just 2 more phrases to go…you think I finished?


Exhibit 8: Mirrors from around the house I moved on the mantle to make a grouping, the intention was to paint them all the same color.  The intention…incomplete AGAIN.


Exhibit 9: The bathroom cabinet I started last weekend and ran out of paint.  Now it’s an incomplete hot mess.

Exhibit 10-100: Painting some rooms around the house, clearing out the basement, starting Kya’s Halloween costume (yep, I have the stuff but never started, Halloween has come and gone!), hitting the laundromat again, design Holiday gift certicates for the store, waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa!!!

I feel like I need a vacation from it all, but it will all still be right here, waiting. How does the list get so dang long! 

I finally learned how to slow down on purchases but now that addiction has turned into a project addiction.

I somehow landed on this blog post today, and I felt like it was speaking to me.  I need to clear out some of the clutter in my mind so I can get something finished and feel like I am accomplishing something.

My car is bad too, I’m surrounding by clutter, and it’s all my fault.

Did you ever hear this quote from Mark Twain:  "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."

I’m starting a list today and it’s SOOOOO on!

P.S. My PC is running exxxtra slow, if you know of a quick easy FREE fixer upper, wouldya let me know, please:) Thanks.