Sunday, October 30, 2011



IMG_0895[1]Picking Kadir up from detention, 11am.


My friend made a joke, “I’m dreaming of a white…….Halloween?”

The poor trees were the victims, they just couldn’t hold the weight from their leaves & snow.





Home, 2pm.  Our poor tree out front split.  It was too heavy to budge. 

But there are many with no power due to downed trees, so we are thankful.  And out of no where, my neighbor dropped off a HOT APPLE PIE last night, mmmmm thankful!!!!!!!

Wearing my war paint today though, we are going to the game, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys tonight – will my marriage survive? (Haikeem is a Cowboys fan, me Eagles) 

I’m off to the market, hope you’re safe and warm.

Go Birds!!!!!!!!!! we need this win.

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