Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was a good day.

5:39 Incoming call from Craigslist buyer already at the house.

5:45 Arrive home, display wares, sell aforementioned listing, $40 cash money.  Score. 

5:48 Incoming call from the Hubbs, ‘check the refridgerator’


<<<<<<Insert happy mother here>>>>>>>

5:50 Take notice of package on dining room table.  I love happy mail,  Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint has arrived, excited.


6:08 Another Incoming call from the Hubbs, what should we have for dinner?

6:42 Dinner with the shining star for the nite.

Happy Kiddo

Texas Roadhouse will make a BIG deal outta anything for you, this made his 12 year old night. (This is our kiddo we have self-diagnosed ADD, so this is a huge boost for him & us too.)

All in one hour.  I’m still pretty pleased though, Haikeem just asked why I was smiling.


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