Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing the cinema

I love going to the movies, it’s my outlet when I need a distraction and I just enjoy the experience: the sound, the screen, the greasy popcorn, the mega soda, I’m in.  The Hubbs has been known to fall asleep so I will go alone, without a second thought.

I am missing the movies right now.  Between his hours and not being able to take Kya to see what we wanna see, it’s been tough.  I am itching to take the DAY and go see: Tower Heist, 50/50, The Debt and Like Crazy, Like Crazy might be first on the list. 

Last night we saw this, at home:

the next 3

And according to my rating system:

movie system

It gets 3 stars, in one word: SUSPENSEFUL!!

My heart was POUNDING in my chest for the last 35-45 minutes.  Haik’s too.  There was only one part that was a bit skeptical for me, but otherwise, good stuff.

If you need a good movie to watch while you paint your piggies and wait for the snow to quit, rent, The Next Three Days.

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