Thursday, October 13, 2011

Man Down

IMG_0654[1]Kya’s sandal skills at 4.5yo

I had (have) a boo-boo.  A stye on my eye, I felt so unpretty.  I didn’t want anyone to look me in the face, especially not the Hubbs.  (Do you still feel that way with the Mister, only want him to see you cute, even though I birthed him 3 babies and he done seen it all, I still don’t like him to see me unpretty.)

I felt like it was a sign of uncleanliness, no idea why, but I did.  It was like you could see it over the computer, so I blogged less.  Odd, but true, I wanted to be invisible.

I finally googled it right on Monday(ever notice how rephrasing something helps a ton on google)…and found a good remedy (using hot compresses of water & a few drops of tea tree oil).  And it’s 90% gone baby, I even wore a bright color today.  I’d been in blacks and greys for over a week. 

Speaking of colors.  I was on pinterest yesterday and starting following these pins:

It started with the bag – I had to know I couldn’t afford it.  And I can’t.

sea green

The leather looks so supple. The color so rich, so I clicked until I got to the origin of the pin.

Then I noticed the category was style and I liked the style, but even more so, I loved the colors!  I’m such a plain jane (neutral & solids, 90% of my wardrobe and home)  I’m hoping these pins might help me add a few pops to my life.


light blu

Hello taupe suede boots,  still neutrals, still solids but with a lil color.  SOLD!

….and while we’re on clothes and style.  Have you heard of TOMS?



tom's choco

There premise is, with every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One.

Awesome right? but I just couldn’t drop the money.  I was not feeling the style. 


Until now.


Wedges.  Cork bottoms. Stripes.


No strings! Ke-uute.

Tommy (yea, he’s Tommy now) Mr. Tom is speaking my language!  How cute are those for a toddler who can’t tie yet.  SOLD.  SOLD. SOLD., can’t even wait.

BTW, I’m so over Fall, it’s damp and cold and dark.  Pretty in the day, but not warm & bright like MY bestie, Summer.

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