Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little things




Washing machine is still down around here but I was in and outta the local laundromat by noon.  There is something sweet about finishing all your laundry in 2 hours, SA-WEET.

Did you ever realize that by noon, half the day is already gone?

I got so much accomplished today, all the little things I never get to in the normal course of day to day.  Purged my closet, cleaned out the linen closets, watered all the plants, listed a few things on craigslist, dropped off some vino to a recently widowed neighbor, made caramel apples with Kya, threw a lil bbq on the grill, removed the old nail polish off the toesies, vacummed that corner outside my bedroom that collect dust and the kids never get, test out some ribbon on the curtains, fold up a blanket on a bench for a comfy seat. 

Today was a good day, pooped.


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