Monday, October 31, 2011

The game.


Philly sports memorablilia at Chickie and Pete’s, man they serve good eats.



A lot of pink on the field for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Eagles Cheerleaders need luv too.


All you saw were hi-fives when the Eagles scored a touchdown.  Nothing like die hard fans wearing a sea of green.  It’s a cool feeling.


Complete strangers on a field bringing complete joy to their fans. 

FOOTBALL!!!  bringing the joy.


That’s my hubby in the Cowboys jersey, he was heckled all night.  The Eagles spanked the Cowboys, SPANKED!

I’m trying to get my friends together so we can host a tailgating party next year and you all will definitely be invited, but you can’t be Dallas fans, we have enough of those stinkers around.

You should really try to go see your favorite team at least once in your lifetime, I really enjoyed it and am hopeful we can go again sometime. 

I was off work today to recover from the game.  I needed it.  And Kyas preschool ended up closed, lots of folks are still out of power.  Annoying I’m sure, we are fortunate.



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