Sunday, October 23, 2011

From tree to table.

I’ve said before how much I miss Summer.  But this weekend was true Fall weather, it was SUNNY and beautiful with the perfect amount of breeze.  Most importantly SUNNY and not cold.

I was riding by this tree (not a good picture) but she is so pretty.  I love the beauty in shapely colorful trees.  (Looking at hthis photo makes me think of being on a blanket with a date with a packed lunch and each other, awww wouldn’t that be romantic? hmmm might have to save that one for when I just want to pluck the mister)



Anyhoo, I pulled off the road and into the parking lot, that’s my minivan there in the photo.  Heeeey.

I broked off a few of the lower branches and brought them home for my dining room table.


I put them in water but they’re not doing so great.  All those magazine articles and catalogues are full o’ crap – they really did look pretty until they started to wilt, boooo.

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