Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cranky vs. Thankful



In my head, I am irritable and cranky.

In my heart, I am thankful.

It’s like the angel and devil, one on each shoulder.

I want to be cranky:

My washing machine is busted

There are mounds MOUNDS of dirty laundry, waiting

My left eye has had an allergic reaction all weekend that is painful, ugly and itchy

There are patches of dry skin on my face, they are rough and patchy.  Not cute.

Target’s new dressing room has 3 way mirrors (why target why?) 

The Hubbs has to travel and I have to man (and woman) the house for 6 days.

My favorite football team is 1-3, seriously.

But I know, I need to quit whining and just be thankful….because I am in a safe, warm home, with my family and everything I’m cranky about can be easily fixed.

Big Bros ii

(I just found that photo looking for more inspirational quotes, it’s misfiled, or perhaps not?  It made me smile, Kya is just hours old.  4+ years ago)

Don’t worry, I’m smacking myself.

quote pics are from pinterest

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