Monday, October 31, 2011

The game.


Philly sports memorablilia at Chickie and Pete’s, man they serve good eats.



A lot of pink on the field for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Eagles Cheerleaders need luv too.


All you saw were hi-fives when the Eagles scored a touchdown.  Nothing like die hard fans wearing a sea of green.  It’s a cool feeling.


Complete strangers on a field bringing complete joy to their fans. 

FOOTBALL!!!  bringing the joy.


That’s my hubby in the Cowboys jersey, he was heckled all night.  The Eagles spanked the Cowboys, SPANKED!

I’m trying to get my friends together so we can host a tailgating party next year and you all will definitely be invited, but you can’t be Dallas fans, we have enough of those stinkers around.

You should really try to go see your favorite team at least once in your lifetime, I really enjoyed it and am hopeful we can go again sometime. 

I was off work today to recover from the game.  I needed it.  And Kyas preschool ended up closed, lots of folks are still out of power.  Annoying I’m sure, we are fortunate.



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing the cinema

I love going to the movies, it’s my outlet when I need a distraction and I just enjoy the experience: the sound, the screen, the greasy popcorn, the mega soda, I’m in.  The Hubbs has been known to fall asleep so I will go alone, without a second thought.

I am missing the movies right now.  Between his hours and not being able to take Kya to see what we wanna see, it’s been tough.  I am itching to take the DAY and go see: Tower Heist, 50/50, The Debt and Like Crazy, Like Crazy might be first on the list. 

Last night we saw this, at home:

the next 3

And according to my rating system:

movie system

It gets 3 stars, in one word: SUSPENSEFUL!!

My heart was POUNDING in my chest for the last 35-45 minutes.  Haik’s too.  There was only one part that was a bit skeptical for me, but otherwise, good stuff.

If you need a good movie to watch while you paint your piggies and wait for the snow to quit, rent, The Next Three Days.



IMG_0895[1]Picking Kadir up from detention, 11am.


My friend made a joke, “I’m dreaming of a white…….Halloween?”

The poor trees were the victims, they just couldn’t hold the weight from their leaves & snow.





Home, 2pm.  Our poor tree out front split.  It was too heavy to budge. 

But there are many with no power due to downed trees, so we are thankful.  And out of no where, my neighbor dropped off a HOT APPLE PIE last night, mmmmm thankful!!!!!!!

Wearing my war paint today though, we are going to the game, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys tonight – will my marriage survive? (Haikeem is a Cowboys fan, me Eagles) 

I’m off to the market, hope you’re safe and warm.

Go Birds!!!!!!!!!! we need this win.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was a good day.

5:39 Incoming call from Craigslist buyer already at the house.

5:45 Arrive home, display wares, sell aforementioned listing, $40 cash money.  Score. 

5:48 Incoming call from the Hubbs, ‘check the refridgerator’


<<<<<<Insert happy mother here>>>>>>>

5:50 Take notice of package on dining room table.  I love happy mail,  Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint has arrived, excited.


6:08 Another Incoming call from the Hubbs, what should we have for dinner?

6:42 Dinner with the shining star for the nite.

Happy Kiddo

Texas Roadhouse will make a BIG deal outta anything for you, this made his 12 year old night. (This is our kiddo we have self-diagnosed ADD, so this is a huge boost for him & us too.)

All in one hour.  I’m still pretty pleased though, Haikeem just asked why I was smiling.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I done did it.


Do you remember the commercial for these knock off fragrances, am I showing my age?

I was itching for a new scent, again.  I never fell in love with the DKNY green apple scent I purchased in the Spring.  It’s going on ebay TONIGHT then I can buy the original Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, eventhough I’m pretty doggone happy with $3.57 knockoff, however I hate the aerosol leftover.

Do you wanna holla at me on ebay? My handle is Ladyhott that’s right I’m one hott lady :)


P.S. 60 days to Christmas & 29 days to Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 23, 2011

From tree to table.

I’ve said before how much I miss Summer.  But this weekend was true Fall weather, it was SUNNY and beautiful with the perfect amount of breeze.  Most importantly SUNNY and not cold.

I was riding by this tree (not a good picture) but she is so pretty.  I love the beauty in shapely colorful trees.  (Looking at hthis photo makes me think of being on a blanket with a date with a packed lunch and each other, awww wouldn’t that be romantic? hmmm might have to save that one for when I just want to pluck the mister)



Anyhoo, I pulled off the road and into the parking lot, that’s my minivan there in the photo.  Heeeey.

I broked off a few of the lower branches and brought them home for my dining room table.


I put them in water but they’re not doing so great.  All those magazine articles and catalogues are full o’ crap – they really did look pretty until they started to wilt, boooo.

Little things




Washing machine is still down around here but I was in and outta the local laundromat by noon.  There is something sweet about finishing all your laundry in 2 hours, SA-WEET.

Did you ever realize that by noon, half the day is already gone?

I got so much accomplished today, all the little things I never get to in the normal course of day to day.  Purged my closet, cleaned out the linen closets, watered all the plants, listed a few things on craigslist, dropped off some vino to a recently widowed neighbor, made caramel apples with Kya, threw a lil bbq on the grill, removed the old nail polish off the toesies, vacummed that corner outside my bedroom that collect dust and the kids never get, test out some ribbon on the curtains, fold up a blanket on a bench for a comfy seat. 

Today was a good day, pooped.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Justin,


Kya’s dad noticed your end of day hugs at pre-school are getting longer.


I’d cut them shorter for now, if I were you. 

He said todays was 2 minutes (God forbid).


He really is a nice guy when you get to know him.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thief of Joy



I first saw this on pinterest, but it CONSTANTLY repeats in my head…

In the shower…

In the market…

At work…

While driving, just one of those quotes that kinda just stuck, so, I had to share.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Man Down

IMG_0654[1]Kya’s sandal skills at 4.5yo

I had (have) a boo-boo.  A stye on my eye, I felt so unpretty.  I didn’t want anyone to look me in the face, especially not the Hubbs.  (Do you still feel that way with the Mister, only want him to see you cute, even though I birthed him 3 babies and he done seen it all, I still don’t like him to see me unpretty.)

I felt like it was a sign of uncleanliness, no idea why, but I did.  It was like you could see it over the computer, so I blogged less.  Odd, but true, I wanted to be invisible.

I finally googled it right on Monday(ever notice how rephrasing something helps a ton on google)…and found a good remedy (using hot compresses of water & a few drops of tea tree oil).  And it’s 90% gone baby, I even wore a bright color today.  I’d been in blacks and greys for over a week. 

Speaking of colors.  I was on pinterest yesterday and starting following these pins:

It started with the bag – I had to know I couldn’t afford it.  And I can’t.

sea green

The leather looks so supple. The color so rich, so I clicked until I got to the origin of the pin.

Then I noticed the category was style and I liked the style, but even more so, I loved the colors!  I’m such a plain jane (neutral & solids, 90% of my wardrobe and home)  I’m hoping these pins might help me add a few pops to my life.


light blu

Hello taupe suede boots,  still neutrals, still solids but with a lil color.  SOLD!

….and while we’re on clothes and style.  Have you heard of TOMS?



tom's choco

There premise is, with every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One.

Awesome right? but I just couldn’t drop the money.  I was not feeling the style. 


Until now.


Wedges.  Cork bottoms. Stripes.


No strings! Ke-uute.

Tommy (yea, he’s Tommy now) Mr. Tom is speaking my language!  How cute are those for a toddler who can’t tie yet.  SOLD.  SOLD. SOLD., can’t even wait.

BTW, I’m so over Fall, it’s damp and cold and dark.  Pretty in the day, but not warm & bright like MY bestie, Summer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Never finished college


Would you believe he never finished college.  I’m always drawn to the underdog.

Amazing story behind the man. Visionary Innovator Pioneer.  He did a graduation speech at Stanford that won me over.  be inspired.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cranky vs. Thankful



In my head, I am irritable and cranky.

In my heart, I am thankful.

It’s like the angel and devil, one on each shoulder.

I want to be cranky:

My washing machine is busted

There are mounds MOUNDS of dirty laundry, waiting

My left eye has had an allergic reaction all weekend that is painful, ugly and itchy

There are patches of dry skin on my face, they are rough and patchy.  Not cute.

Target’s new dressing room has 3 way mirrors (why target why?) 

The Hubbs has to travel and I have to man (and woman) the house for 6 days.

My favorite football team is 1-3, seriously.

But I know, I need to quit whining and just be thankful….because I am in a safe, warm home, with my family and everything I’m cranky about can be easily fixed.

Big Bros ii

(I just found that photo looking for more inspirational quotes, it’s misfiled, or perhaps not?  It made me smile, Kya is just hours old.  4+ years ago)

Don’t worry, I’m smacking myself.

quote pics are from pinterest


I thought these two treat buckets were too cute.



They're in this months Better Homes & Gardens.  If you need the DIY instructions, leave a comment or email me and I will inbox you.