Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mean Irene

Over the weekend, somehow the sink was clogged something terrible and the images to follow was the state of my kitchen.






No end in sight until Haik made it to Home Depot and rented a snake.  We were officially back in business on Monday, I think.  So imagine that mess plus 2 more days for a family of 5 – trapped inside, CARAZAY!

And since I was trapped in, due to Irene, I decided to paint my bedroom with leftover paint from the garage. 

It’s darker than I’d chosen with unlimited funding, but it was in house stock (FREE) and it’s one thing off my never ending To Do List (check check).





This is atop Haik’s dresser/bureau/tallboy.  While on the ladder painting I noticed…all these birthday and anniversary cards from me and the kiddos.  Awwwww…


I got all sentimental (tear).  And then I found a 2009 receipt from our trip to the ZOO, seriously?!?!?!

This man is one card, receipt, newspaper, magazine away from Hoarders

Until next time.

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