Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just us girls

The boys are gone fishing, camping, whitewater rafting?  something like that…but I’m a city girl, and I don’t do bugs, bears or sleeping bags.  Sorry, yes, my pinky (but not my nose) is in the air.  Hello civilization.

It’s just us girls.  No plans, I want to clean this shipwreck, Kya wants to get outside. Eyes roll in head, hopefully there is a compromise, that involves me spending very very little.

My camera card wouldn’t hold another picture so I had to sort it and there was some Summer I didn’t get a chance to share. 

Aaaaaaah, Summer, you remember that wonderful season, yes?


That’s Hassan, Haik’s nephew with my youngest son Khari, thick as thieves these two.


Ev-er-ee single time I took out the camera, up came the dueces, he is funny!

Oh, the girl, that’s Chalana, my baby sister, they are going through Hassan’s music on his phone.  Kya is in heaven, Justin Beiber is involved.  Khari is torn on JB. 


Here he is again, posing, Mr. Cool, Debonaire.  Funny!!  I could not get a natural shot of this kid. 

He was leaving the next day and I always like to take the kids for a treat while visiting, but it was too late at night.  I didn’t realize his stay was coming to an end, and he couldn’t leave without a treat. I have a reputation to uphold, there is an award for coolest Aunt right?  Well I want it.


It’s an oldie but a goodie, fried biscuits, ghetto donuts.


I saw this “recipe” on a roll of biscuits as a pre-teen and I’ve been using it every since.  My kids only enjoy them sometimes, but I prefer them over Dunkin donuts, however, I will admit they don’t hold a candle to Krispy Kreme.

Just poke a hole in the biscuit and pan fry.   I add milk and powdered sugar for glaze.  They are best eaten warm with milk (maybe coffee, hmmm)  Yum.  done, and only one dirty pan.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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