Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have always struggled with creating a warm home.


image pottery barn via...

My parents separated when I was in grade school.  And I got to live with both, in their own homes for some time.  MAJOR difference between the two. 

new bedroom

My Moms was clean but never updated.  My Dads was updated, but cluttered and never really clean.  I know right.  But when my parents were together, our house was nice, clean and updated, ha! 

3d style

Anyhoo, Haikeem could careless about this house, as long as it’s clean.  Me I want clean, functional and pretty.   Lakeitha wrote a post about it, her vision vs. her hubbies and it pretty much sums up my situation too.  {She also recently BC’d, just shaved her hair off, talk about courage!}.

mirror wall

My home is not finished by any means, but being able to google, thrift, DIY and sneak peak via blogs has helped me and my family tremendously.   

more mirror thedrifterandthegypsy.blogspot.

When you put a lil love in a room (blood, sweat, guts, not necessarily $$$) it gives you a sense of pride.  Alls I did was paint, with leftover garage paint, in a color I didn’t love for  my bedroom, but it really warmed up the space and has inspired me to do more.  

I am loving collages these days, and of course they are uber neutral (I’m so boring).  Less is more for me, so I’m not sure if I will add them ‘round here but I saved these images cause you never know! 

There is no place like home, so I encourage you to create a warm and fuzzy one.  Some of my fav sources of inspiration, to the right, to the right ------>

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