Wednesday, September 28, 2011




You ever put something off for the longest time and then when you finally do it, it takes only 15 minutes.  Hate that.

Exhibit A: This little rack (.97c Goodwill score).  Here she is in her raw form.


A little paint. (Mixing colors in a to-go container)  So fancy. 


I stuck on some 3M adhesive strips, and hung it up in the closet.  No tools.


Hang all your fake gold and fake silver jewels.


Call it done.



Monday, September 26, 2011

My first date




Complete with a knight shield, stuffed cows, teaching moments and a rose. Why didn’t I think to date my boys sooner? 

It was good to go out with just them, $22 bucks well spent.  They both brought their shields and crayons home too.  Blushing, tickled, proud.

Saturday, September 24, 2011





I get the job done.




Sometimes, I don’t. 

But I won’t stop trying.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

P.S. I think I was wrong about Qhemet’s Shea Amla?  Still testing but results are fab.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Googlability:  of or having the ability to be searched on google.


In my opinion that is everything.  Recently, I’ve taken a liking to googling recipes for copycat dishes. Blood-eh genius, I say!!! (in my best British voice)

A friend and I tried Thai food last night, drunken noodles (first image), pad thai (2nd), they both came out yum.  We impressed ourselves. 

Long story short, google it, youtube it, be like nike and just do it

P.S. I didn’t think of putting google+ability = googlability, wish I had though, it’s a good one.

So RaNdoM!


This week I got in a lot of trouble.  My sink was clogged (again) and draining very sloooooowly, for the second time in a year!  This never happened when I permed my hair?  What’s that about?

Anyhoo, the Hubbs pulled it apart and I got to clean out the pipes.  JOY.  Not! I thought I was doing a good of cleaning up my hair in the sink, apparently not.  Tips are welcome, please.  And trust me I spared you the pictures, dis-gust-ing.


Earlier this week, Haik bought new phones.  A set of 3.  JOY! Not!  Let me give you the details.

A short time ago when my oldest was younger (early school age, 4-7)  I don’t remember exactly when.  He was staying over with his Grandmother,  on his trip, he took some entertainment, cause you know Grandmothers don’t have the latest DVDs.  Anyhoo, upon trying to play the DVD they found out her DVD was busted, broken, not gonna be playing the movie.  According to my mother in law, my child, got up and proceeded to put his shoes on and when she asked where he was going, he said “To get a new player”.  

That has been our mantra, broken, we replace it!  Not repair it, not make do, we replace it. 

This same child, now a teen, recently told me it was time to replace the kitchen table where we eat just fine because of the tarnished top.  Argh!  It still works just fine, it’s just a little banged up.  I’ve created a monster.

So replace it no more.  I had Haik take the phones back.  We still have ONE usable cordless phones (which nobody bothers to answer but the adults) and we have a corded one around, in case of power failure.  They will simply have to do.  It’s my new philosophy.  Make do.

So, I’m going back to basics.  Including the tresses.  I found  my favorite MopTop Maven video about layering hair product and plastered it up in the sink.  And as much as I’m jonesing to try new products, I’m gonna use what I have before I buy any more.  (((Why is this so hard!!!)))  Not to mention I read an interesting post about product/technique ratio anyway.  This will give me time to perfect the technique.


I found this quote in a magazine that I would like to share.  I already plastered it on my inspiration notebook.  Its reads: Kids emulate what they see, you don’t have to make a lecture, if you are living it. 

Or in street terms, Don’t talk about it, be about it! 

I’m already at it, class is in session. 

…speaking of school. You must see the documentary, Waiting for Superman.  Educational and enlightening, imho.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011








The entire house was in a state of neglect.  School started and the place went to *ish*.  How was your weekend :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have always struggled with creating a warm home.


image pottery barn via...

My parents separated when I was in grade school.  And I got to live with both, in their own homes for some time.  MAJOR difference between the two. 

new bedroom

My Moms was clean but never updated.  My Dads was updated, but cluttered and never really clean.  I know right.  But when my parents were together, our house was nice, clean and updated, ha! 

3d style

Anyhoo, Haikeem could careless about this house, as long as it’s clean.  Me I want clean, functional and pretty.   Lakeitha wrote a post about it, her vision vs. her hubbies and it pretty much sums up my situation too.  {She also recently BC’d, just shaved her hair off, talk about courage!}.

mirror wall

My home is not finished by any means, but being able to google, thrift, DIY and sneak peak via blogs has helped me and my family tremendously.   

more mirror thedrifterandthegypsy.blogspot.

When you put a lil love in a room (blood, sweat, guts, not necessarily $$$) it gives you a sense of pride.  Alls I did was paint, with leftover garage paint, in a color I didn’t love for  my bedroom, but it really warmed up the space and has inspired me to do more.  

I am loving collages these days, and of course they are uber neutral (I’m so boring).  Less is more for me, so I’m not sure if I will add them ‘round here but I saved these images cause you never know! 

There is no place like home, so I encourage you to create a warm and fuzzy one.  Some of my fav sources of inspiration, to the right, to the right ------>

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yea Yea…..

I hoped and wished for a longer Summer, but Fall is officially coming, might already be here, depending on where you are.

I guess the biggest clue was the kids going back to school tomorrow, hmpft.

made with paper


I was looking on today and saw this.  Pretty cool, it’s made of strips of paper, just realized that might not be a good idea for outdoors, but still pretty.

Fall makes me think of Thanksgiving and being thankful, at least that’s good.  Tonight I am thankful for my health and the health of my family, one small little thingy we take for granted. 

I’m off to set alarm clocks, oh teachers of the universe, how I appreciate thee.  I would give them all a raise! 

P.S. I asked my husband if we could move to an all Summer, All the time location today, you know Florida or Cali….. And guess what, he didn’t say no! Didn’t say yes….but didn’t say no :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just us girls

The boys are gone fishing, camping, whitewater rafting?  something like that…but I’m a city girl, and I don’t do bugs, bears or sleeping bags.  Sorry, yes, my pinky (but not my nose) is in the air.  Hello civilization.

It’s just us girls.  No plans, I want to clean this shipwreck, Kya wants to get outside. Eyes roll in head, hopefully there is a compromise, that involves me spending very very little.

My camera card wouldn’t hold another picture so I had to sort it and there was some Summer I didn’t get a chance to share. 

Aaaaaaah, Summer, you remember that wonderful season, yes?


That’s Hassan, Haik’s nephew with my youngest son Khari, thick as thieves these two.


Ev-er-ee single time I took out the camera, up came the dueces, he is funny!

Oh, the girl, that’s Chalana, my baby sister, they are going through Hassan’s music on his phone.  Kya is in heaven, Justin Beiber is involved.  Khari is torn on JB. 


Here he is again, posing, Mr. Cool, Debonaire.  Funny!!  I could not get a natural shot of this kid. 

He was leaving the next day and I always like to take the kids for a treat while visiting, but it was too late at night.  I didn’t realize his stay was coming to an end, and he couldn’t leave without a treat. I have a reputation to uphold, there is an award for coolest Aunt right?  Well I want it.


It’s an oldie but a goodie, fried biscuits, ghetto donuts.


I saw this “recipe” on a roll of biscuits as a pre-teen and I’ve been using it every since.  My kids only enjoy them sometimes, but I prefer them over Dunkin donuts, however, I will admit they don’t hold a candle to Krispy Kreme.

Just poke a hole in the biscuit and pan fry.   I add milk and powdered sugar for glaze.  They are best eaten warm with milk (maybe coffee, hmmm)  Yum.  done, and only one dirty pan.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mean Irene

Over the weekend, somehow the sink was clogged something terrible and the images to follow was the state of my kitchen.






No end in sight until Haik made it to Home Depot and rented a snake.  We were officially back in business on Monday, I think.  So imagine that mess plus 2 more days for a family of 5 – trapped inside, CARAZAY!

And since I was trapped in, due to Irene, I decided to paint my bedroom with leftover paint from the garage. 

It’s darker than I’d chosen with unlimited funding, but it was in house stock (FREE) and it’s one thing off my never ending To Do List (check check).





This is atop Haik’s dresser/bureau/tallboy.  While on the ladder painting I noticed…all these birthday and anniversary cards from me and the kiddos.  Awwwww…


I got all sentimental (tear).  And then I found a 2009 receipt from our trip to the ZOO, seriously?!?!?!

This man is one card, receipt, newspaper, magazine away from Hoarders

Until next time.