Monday, August 8, 2011

The weekend with Hubba



La La Luv him and his icky sticky fingers.  Muah!


When I know Kya least expects it, I add sprinkles to her breakfast.  They make her cheeeeese.    Just what she needs, extra sugar.

When breakfast was over, she said “this was the best breakfast ever,” she was feeling the love.  I try folks, I try.

On Friday, I went to the thrift (Goodwill) and scored a few goods.


This apothecary jar  was $2…the cute fancy lid is missing from the shot and guess what else, it’s already broken!  I don’t even get  upset, so glad I found Goodwill.


These two, 50c each, they are pretty tall but no lids. 

If they had lids, wouldn’t they be perfect for rice, macaronis, etc…instead they will probably house crayons, markers, craft or kid stuff.


And this frame, big, chunky, wood - $4.97, not even Walmart can beat that.  It was a portrait, but I painted over it in yellows and white.  I plan to paint the frame white too.  No idea what will fill the frame? but me and yellow are still vibing. 

Painting is very relaxing, try it.

Oh, an update on the table….Day 2


I sanded the spots and it doesn’t look as noticeable as yesterday.  I will sand a bit more tomorrow…Until then.

(Notice how I am remembering to take photos (2 pts), but not cleaning up for the shot (-2 pts).  That’s how I roll folks, a real class act)

Thanks for checking in.

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