Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend over (abruptly)!


My boys were away this weekend, it was just me, Kya and my nephew, Nakhi who was visiting.


He has eyelashes girls pay good money to have!

He completely WRECKED Haik’s office.  So glad I won’t be here when he gets home tomorrow, I tried to tidy up but I’m sure he left it “just so”


I realized, I do not miss changing diapers.

But I do miss the way babies cuddle with you and Nakhi gives these strong hugs, it feels like all his body weight wrapped around your neck.  If you live through it, it’s actually sweet.


They slept in, cause we was partying, all nite, long.   And if you knew me in real life, you know I hit the pillow early and often. 

Anyhoo, the weekend wrecker:


I wiped the table 1,000,000 times this weekend cause my worker bees are gone and I had Baby Stickyfingers going on.  Well after wiping the table all weekend, I noticed all the paint stains from craft times and they were irritating me a bit, so, the genius I am asked Chalana to bring me a cotton ball with nail polish remover.

(Insert dramatic Jaws music here).

Now it is a mess.  It appears like I painted white paint blotches on it.  If you knew what happened to my last kitchen table – you too would be shaking your head.  I called myself painting it and we ended up buying this one. 

Well, I finished straightening up the kitchen and came upstairs to google how to repair damage from acetone.  (Thank heavens for  Tomorrow, will begin a new series here, Repairing the Second Kitchen Table Damaged by Tiffany, Part 1.

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