Saturday, August 20, 2011

They create the need.



Marketing ads, commercials, magazines, catalogues.  They create the need.  Because in some cases you didn’t even think you “needed it” until you heard about it or saw how AWESOME it was presented to you. 

I heard that phrase this past week on MADMEN (its on Netflix), the phrase resonated with me.  I lived the past 10 years purchasing a lot of these so called needs, and even worse, I made the purchases on credit.  I’m paying for it now.  So, word to the wise, be careful there, because those marketing peeps are good.  It’s actually a good show, you can watch the first 5 seasons on demand if you have Netflix streaming. Did I just create another need?

I also read a really good blog post this week about how bloggers can create the need or feelings of inadequacy, even though that is NOT their intention.  You should read it if you’ve ever felt envy of someone else’s life,  blog, car, shoes, well anything. 

I read this quote and if I find it I will share it, but basicly it says you can’t compare your one self against the variety of all the world.

I’ll step down off my soap box now.


In much lighter news, me and the kiddos have been cleaning the kitchen at night listening to tunes on youtube.  It gives me a chance to listen (and cringe) to what they’re listening to.

Kya is infatuated with Nikki Minaj Super Bass.  Then I noticed that there was someone else singing the song with 1M hits.  I like that this version is clean!

superbass cover (clean)

I thought I was doing something when I showed my 12 year old this video and tried to explain a cover.  He proceed to show me a good 3-4 covers with 1M+ hits - catch up MOM, ya old bat!

Apparently, it’s the business on youtube.  DUH.

But whatever you do, don’t play Beyonce, Best Thing I Never Had Video for your kiddos…she has taken the whole no clothes thing to a new level.  I kid you not, sales must be slow. 

Have a good weekend!

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