Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday, I went out for a walk cause my scale is broken. 

{Anyone else’s scale report a good 15 pounds more than you think appropriate.  Ugh.  So a walk it is.}

It was at my front that I saw my tree starting to bloom. 

It’s a crepe myrtle, it was on my wish list since last year.  $112 bucks I got quoted, so it had to wait.  My friend saw them being clearance for $22 and msgd me, luv friends, luv txt msging. 


One Saturday, I planted her all by myself and I had to dig a good sized hole!!!  The Hubbs offered to help, but I am woman here me ROAR.  Truth is, we were in a fight, I was on some ‘I don’t need you energy.’

And I did it.  I put the dirt back, recovered with mulch.  It actually felt good.  I was sweaty and FUNKY.  But I did it. 

A downpour of rain followed that Sunday and all the leaves dried up and fell off.  And she was a Charlie Brown tree within in a week, boo.  I don’t know much about gardening, was I to take it back? should I wait til next Spring see if it comes back? what to do?  It was only $22 bucks, so I figured I’d wait it out. 


So when I saw all the bloom yesterday, alls I could do was smile.  I walked right over and took some pics. 

Life will surely have it’s ups and downs, but without the rain, there would be no rainbow.

I’m glad I didn’t panic and waited this one out.  Life’s simple pleasures.

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